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Year in Review
AngelList exists to increase the number of successful startups in the world. In service of that mission, we spun out AngelList Venture as its own independent company from AngelList Holdings at the start of 2020. Then we launched Rolling Funds, Transfers, and a Fund Performance Calculator. Our goal? Serve founders by eliminating the hassles associated with venture investing.
We now support over $2.5B in assets under management, 77 unicorns backed by AngelList Funds & Syndicates, and 51% of all top-tier U.S. VC deals in our portfolio. All of which is to say 2020 was truly a breakout year for AngelList Venture. And we’re just getting started…
AngelList Venture
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Over $2.5 billion assets under
51% of top-tier U.S. VC seed deals are in our portfolio
We're transforming venture through fresh ideas and technology
Rolling Funds
Eliminate the need to raise new funds by continuously accepting new capital through quarterly LP subscriptions.
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AngelList Access Fund
Invest a single check into all the high-quality rolling funds and deals, picked by our investment committee. AngelList Access Funds consistently have top-quartile TVPI, according to data published by Cambridge Associates.
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Fund Performance Calculator
Combine performance data from hundreds of recent venture capital funds to get percentile scores across vintage years.
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77 unicorns backed by AngelList Funds & Syndicates
Syndicates, Traditional Funds, and Rolling Funds are just the beginning...
Sahil Lavingia
Rolling Fund Manager
"AngelList made it possible for me to become an investor. Life-changing."
Yun-Fang Juan
Founder of Brighter Capital
"AngelList is democratizing early stage investing. Not only does it provide individual accredited investors with great investment opportunities like Notion or Iterable, it also helps create a  diversified group of new fund managers who could put together a deal efficiently.  Anyone with great deal flows could start a syndicate, make some good investments and build their track record on AngelList. Emerging managers no longer need to spend endless amount of time fundraising before they could invest.  Instead, they could invest by leading deals with their syndicate and once they build a good track record, they could start a rolling fund to succeed even further."
Harry Stebbings
Traditional Fund Manager
“Without AngelList there would be no way I would have been able to spin up 20VC Fund in the time and efficiency with which we did. Subsequently, the management has just been so seamless to the extent I am able to run a whole other fund and media company knowing that the AngelList team has a large amount of the ops and management under control. A joy to work with and democratizing fund management to a whole new audience of investors.”
Allison Pickens
Rolling Fund Manager
"AngelList's platform made it easy for me to set up my rolling fund within 2 weeks. They handle all the back-end ops so that as a solo GP, I can focus my time on investing and working with founders."