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Invest in AngelList Access Fund

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Invest in hundreds of high-quality deals and funds, led by top industry operators and investors, with a single check. Invest in the AngelList Access Fund to diversify your portfolio — and get competitive returns.

A smarter investing strategy

Invest in top-quality deals

All deals are sourced by respected early-stage investors with successful track records.

Diversify your portfolio

Access diversified deal flow, with funds spanning multiple sectors, geographies, and stages.

Generate competitive returns

Past versions of the Access Fund have outperformed those in the top quartile of venture funds

Invest broadly, get better results

An analysis of more than 10,000 AngelList investor portfolios found that those who invest systematically and broadly perform better, both in average and typical return.

"One of the easiest ways that an investor could take a broad and systematic approach to early-stage venture capital is through investing in vehicles that broadly index into early-stage venture capital..."
Abe Othman
Head of Data Science, AngelList Venture
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Invest alongside top-tier VCs

The AngelList Access fund opens up the opportunity to invest in 200+ startups annually, and had participated in multiple rounds with top VCs including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, and more.

Competitive returns

Prior versions of the Access Fund consistently outperform in the top quartile of venture capital funds

Two ways to invest

Invest with a yearly or quarterly commitment.

$ 50,000
4 quarters
Investors must commit to at least 4 quarters
200+ annually
Investors will gain exposure to all deals the fund invests in for all 4 quarters.
Reserved for investors who commit
at least $ 250,000 /year
in the AngelList Access Fund
Become an investor
$ 75,000
Investors have the ability to cancel their
subscription after any number of quarters
Quarter deals
Investors gain exposure to the deals made
during the quarters they invest in only.
Reserved for investors who commit
at least $ 250,000 /year
in the AngelList Access Fund
Become an investor