Lifeline Agreement
& Bank Account

Open a new bank account and close emergency funding—all at once
Banking + Fundraising, Fast
Integrated Banking
Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC (view 2022 earnings)

Funds are held in FDIC-insured accounts

Create debit cards for yourself and employees

Lifeline Agreement
A simple promissory note for investors to provide capital to companies for the purpose of meeting short-term working capital needs.

Quickly set up agreement using standard terms

Share with investors, sign and fund in the same day

Includes templated board consent

Provide the security of debt to funding investors

See FAQ section below for more details

How to get started
Sign up
Create your AngelList Build account.
Complete banking application
Most accounts are approved same day.
Open lifeline agreement
Set your specific terms, and invite investors to support.