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Demo Day Funds

The Demo Day Funds are AngelList funds raised before each Y Combinator ('YC') cycle, dedicated to investing into YC companies from that batch. Each fund is led by an experienced investor that is a YC alumnus or insider.
The funds are now closed


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About Y Combinator

Twice a year, Y Combinator makes small investments into a number of early-stage startups. Selected startups participate in the 3-month program to grow their metrics and refine their pitch. At the end of each cycle, the teams present their companies on Demo Day.

aggregate portfolio value
The top startup accelerator in the world by portfolio value.
companies worth $150M+
Since 2005, Y Combinator has funded more than 2,000 startups.
companies worth $1B+
Y Combinator alumni include Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, and Coinbase.

Get Access

Demo Day is closed to the public, but the AngelList Demo Day Funds give you access to Y Combinator companies. The fund leads also begin forming relationships with companies even prior to the unveiling on Demo Day.

Examples of investments are purely for illustrative purposes. There is no guarantee that the W23 Demo Day Funds will achieve the same exposure to or quality of portfolio companies held by any previous Demo Day Funds.
One investment, multiple funds
Each fund is run independently, and your investment will be equally distributed between all currently raising funds. Please note that individual funds may no longer be accepting additional investors as the fund approaches its regulatory investor limits or at the discretion of the fund lead. Each fund is led by an experienced investor that is a YC alumnus or insider.
Divya Bhat
YC Visiting Partner, Founder S06 & W14
Divya’s involvement with Y Combinator began 16 years ago when she dropped out of grad school to found Jamglue (YC S06). She also founded Rickshaw (YC W14), a logistics company that she sold to DoorDash in 2017. After DoorDash, she served as Chief Product Officer at Virta Health where she led product, engineering, design, and analytics during a phase of rapid growth through their Series D. Her angel investing experience began in 2014 when she chose investments on behalf of a group of Y Combinator alumni, including FlutterWave, The Flex Company, and several others that have gone on to raise or successfully exit. Most recently, she was a visiting partner at Y Combinator for the W22 and S22 batches.
Holly Liu Demo Day Fund S22
Christopher Golda
YC Founder, S08
Christopher founded BackType (YC S08), a SaaS analytics company he sold to Twitter in 2011. At Twitter, he helped launch Ads and was responsible for the Ads Center until 2014, which grew revenue to $1.4B. Chris is an active investor in startups like Benchling, Coinbase, dYdX, Republic, Replicated, and 100+ more. He's currently a Venture Partner for Entrepreneur First and previously served as an advisor to Menlo Ventures and Y Combinator’s Startup School.
Christopher Golda Demo Day Fund S22
Ethan Perlstein
YC Founder, W16
Ethan is a scientist, biotech entrepreneur, and angel investor with a focus on platform technologies in all areas of biology. He founded Perlara (YC W16) in 2014 as the first biotech public benefit company focused on rare diseases. Current investments include AsherBio and Ochre Bio.
Ethan Perlstein Demo Day Fund S22
Benjamin Bryant
Fund Closed
Benjamin Bryant is a former high-frequency trader, classic rock addict, and co-founder of the music marketing platform Earbits Radio (YC-W11, acquired 2014, Kiz Studios). In 2012, Benjamin joined Eric Migicovsky as the founding marketer at Pebble Smartwatch (YC-W11, acquired 2016, Fitbit), where he helped grow the company from a 5-person crowdfunded project to a 182-person, 80MM per year business. Benjamin was responsible for Pebble’s record-breaking 20.3M Kickstarter campaign, which still ranks as the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever.
Guillaume Luccisano Demo Day Fund S22
Collin Wallace
YC Founder-W19, Techstars Founder-S10
Collin is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits. He founded FanGo (Techstars 2010), a mobile ordering platform which he sold to Grubhub in 2011. At Grubhub he was the Head of Innovation, where he launched numerous products. More recently, he co-founded ZeroStorefront (YC W19), which was acquired by Thanx in 2022. He is an active investor in companies like Payjoy, Landed, Poscript, Mosaic Voice, Robinhood, GrabTaxi, and over 25 other companies. He co-teaches the Startup Garage class at Stanford Graduate School of Business and advises the Roelof Botha & Huifen Chan Startup Innovation Program.
Collin Wallace Demo Day Fund S22

Past returns

Historically, the Demo Day Funds have produced strong returns.

Note: The prior versions of the AngelList Access Fund mentioned above were advised by AngelList Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of SAX Capital, LLC.  While Parker Thompson, a member of SAX Capital's investment committee, advised past funds at AngelList Advisors, LLC, he was not solely responsible for the investment decisions of those funds and the resulting performance of those funds.  Parker Thompson was one of three investment committee members advising those funds. As a result, investors should be aware that the past performance of those funds are not indicative of future results.
Demo Day Funds Terms
Invest in the current batch - Summer 2022 ('S22').