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2021 Year in Review
Our mission in 2021 was to inspire a new generation of funders and founders
by providing them with everything they need to launch and scale a fund or startup.


Startups raised money from thousands
of syndicates and funds


Assets supported


of all U.S. unicorns have had a GP invest in them
through AngelList

Our Mission

To increase the number of successful startups in the world.
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2021 Most Innovative Companies

Our Story

AngelList first launches as an email list and helps Uber (Uber Cab at the time) raise seed money.
AngelList brings venture online with private, professional fundraising tools for top quality startups and investors. Syndicates launched to allow simplified and streamlined capital raising.
AngelList expands venture platform to support a global network of startups and investors starting in the UK, Canada, and eventually adding India.
Launch of Venture Funds: streamlined fundraising and operations of small funds-empowering a new generation of diverse fund managers with a performance-based path to building their venture business.
AngelList reaches over $1B assets supported, driving capital to high-performing startups and returns investors.
Launch of Rolling Venture Funds, an always-open venture fund to streamline fundraising and deployment for fund managers.
Launched founders’ products, including Roll Up Vehicles and Stack. Assets supported grew to $10B.

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AngelList pioneers rolling VC funds in pivot to SaaS


When AngelList first launched rolling funds, an investment vehicle that raises money through a quarterly subscription from interested investors, the company looked at it as a bet. But early...

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Even Your Allergist Is Now Investing in Start-Ups


The once-clubby world of start-up deal making known as “angel investing” has had an influx of new participants...

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Just Buy All the Unicorns


One theory of passive investing is that every public company is the same, so there’s no real point in spending time and energy trying to pick the best ones. I am exaggerating, but not all that much. There’s an excellent 2017 research note from Michael Mauboussin et al. (which I wrote about here) finding that...

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AngelList returns to its founder-focused roots, with a twist


AngelList this week launched AngelList Stack, a new suite of products that will compete with Carta in providing services to help founders start, operate and maintain ownership over their companies. The new software will cover four bases: end-to-end incorporation...

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A look at the rise of “solo capitalists”, micro VC funds, and AngelList's Rolling Venture Fund product that lets users subscribe and invest on a quarterly basis


But if the idea's the same, the execution is very different because there's also a new model emerging that could open up the industry to more people. Enter: the rolling fund.

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Why one startup CEO lets employees cash out every year


Pipe, a marketplace for revenue-based lending, has started to let its employees sell some of their equity each year through company-managed secondary sales on the AngelList platform...

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