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AngelList is building the infrastructure that powers the startup economy

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Our Mission

We aim to accelerate innovation by providing startups and investors with the connected tools they need to launch and scale a startup or fund—and invest in both.

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Our evolution

AngelList reaches over $124B in assets on the platform, with over 85k investors, 12k active startups, and more than 23k funds and syndicates supported.

Launched Standalone Software Suite for private markets, inclusive of portfolio, financial, and investor management software. Providing established venture & private equity funds, with any back office provider, real-time insights and unparalleled efficiency.

Raised $100M in funding. Launched institution-ready venture funds and transformed cap table management solution. Assets supported grew to nearly $15B.

Launched founders’ products, including Roll Up Vehicles for fundraising and cap table management software. Assets supported grew to $10B.

Launch of Rolling Venture Funds, an always-open venture fund to streamline fundraising and deployment for fund managers.

AngelList Venture becomes AngelList and reaches over $1B in assets supported. As a company, we transform our strategy and focus on building innovative software that provides fund managers with the tools they need to launch and scale funds. Allowing for more capital to be funneled into high-performing startups and delivering returns to investors.

Launch of Venture Funds: a full-service solution pairing software with 50+ back office services, enabling a new generation of diverse fund managers the ability to launch a fund with a clear path towards building their venture business.

AngelList expands venture platform to support a global network of startups and investors starting in the UK, Canada, and eventually adding India.

AngelList brings venture online with private, professional fundraising software for top quality startups and investors. Syndicates launched allowing investors a simplified and streamlined way to raise & deploy capital.

AngelList first launches as an email list and helps Uber (Uber Cab at the time) raise seed money.


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