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There’s room for every investor

Raise big and small checks from up to 250 investors in a single line on your cap table. Trusted by thousands of companies.

Go from "yes" to funds received with one link

Generate links to your RUV’s private deal page with custom minimum, maximum, or exact investment amounts.

Manage your fundraise, not the paperwork

AngelList forms the RUV entity, drafts investment documents, automates signature collection, and handles accreditation and KYC.

Leverage institutional-grade money movement

Streamline investor capital collection with flexible electronic payment options (bank transfer, wire, crypto). When you're ready to close, AngelList sends you a single wire.

Keep your cap table clean

Reduce administrative costs and spend less time chasing signatures. Roll Up Vehicles hold up to 250 investors in a single line on your cap table.


Flexible ways to raise
with a Roll Up Vehicle

Move your cap table to AngelList

The Growth Plus subscription plan includes one no-fee RUV per year, 409A valuations, and more, but requires that you maintain an active cap table on AngelList Equity.

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Growth Plus



/ year


  • 1 standard RUV per year

  • Equity, Raise, Banking, & People

  • Stock option exercising, fund raising scenario modeling, and cap table pro forma generation

  • 409A valuations, HRIS integrations

  • Automated closings for equity rounds and other custom agreements

  • Raise with custom documents

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Raise with a stand-alone RUV.

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  • Entity Formation

  • International Investors

  • Unlimited taxes

  • SAFEs & Equity Rounds

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Roll Up Vehicles are a type of Special Purpose Vehicle designed for founders that want to efficiently raise capital from individual operators and angels with a single cap table entry. Traditional SPVs often require a stand-in investor to take on additional duties by acting as the GP or Fund Lead to avoid conflict of interest issues for the founder. Roll Up Vehicles are designed to not need a stand in investor and can be created by the founder.

Certain states have securities laws (known as Blue Sky Laws) that require a notice to be filed when at least one investor from that state invests in the RUV. The amount each state charges for Blue Sky Filings varies from $0 to $500+. Each state only requires one filing regardless of how many investors in the RUV are from that state. We estimate costs might vary from $750 to $1,250+ but the exact number may vary based on where your investors are based and how much is raised.

AngelList will cover the costs of entity formation, banking, and tax preparation.

Yes, all investors in a Roll Up Vehicle must be able to self attest to US accreditation requirements. During the closing process for Roll Up Vehicles, investors are not required to provide evidence of accreditation – an investor can simply choose the accreditation criteria that they meet.

Yes, investors may be based anywhere as long as they meet US accreditation & KYC requirements.

Companies that are eligible to use Roll Up Vehicles are typically US-based C-Corporations that have raised (or are currently raising) from venture funds. We may be able to support companies incorporated in other countries on a case-by-case basis.

Roll Up Vehicles are completely private and not shared anywhere on AngelList nor are they publicly shared. The only way for someone to view or invest in a RUV is through the invite link that founders manage. By default, Roll Up Vehicles do not support general solicitation.

Generally, yes, the benefits of QSBS flows through when investing in a RUV. More details are provided here.