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Katie ChenFounder/CEO, Kairos


Katie Chen uses AngelList Syndicates to invest in startups and AngelList Roll Up Vehicles to fundraise for her own business.

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I use AngelList over Carta as my partner because there’s reduced complexity on fund formation and management, which means less work for a solo GP like me.
Lolita TaubManaging Partner, Ganas VC
Lead a Venture Fund

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Top 5 leading co-investors on AngelList deals.

  1. 1Y Combinator
    1,164 deals
  2. 2Andreessen Horowitz
    534 deals
  3. 3Founders Fund
    436 deals
  4. 4Soma Capital
    333 deals
  5. 5Global Founders Capital
    304 deals
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 S◎L Big Brain (33.3%)
S◎L Big Brain (33.3%)@SOLBigBrain
If you are an accredited investor looking to get your foot in the door on early stage crypto deal flow check out @AngelList Seeing quite a few good deals come through via syndicates there. If anybody else is investing on there, put some of your favorite Web3 Syndicates below 🙏
8:01 AM · Apr 4, 2022
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Carry earned from capital committed by AngelList platform investors since 2012.

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Median valuation of seed-stage B2B companies raising in Q3 2022.

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Fatima HusainCo-Founder, Mastry (VC Fund)


Fatima Husain uses AngelList to invest in startups she’s passionate about that fall outside her fund’s thesis.

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AngelList is hands down the easiest & most complete fund service provider out there.
Harry StebbingsManaging Partner, 20VC
Lead a Venture Fund
Shoutout to the @AngelList team for their fantastic service! Especially for their immediate responsive support💜
1:03 AM · Jul 21, 2022


Investments made into unique startups on AngelList since 2014.

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Assets supported for AngelList fund managers.

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David SniderFounder/CEO, Harness Wealth


David moved his startup onto AngelList after raising a Series A to simplify equity management.

Equity management for startups
Signing docs is insanely fast. Capital calls are centralized and can be pulled from my existing AngelList wallet balance.
Jack SmithAngel Investor
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Arie Abecassis
Arie Abecassis@arieabec
While I tell people that I’m a solo GP, I really do view @AngelList as a business partner. They make it really easy for to focus on what’s most important and abstract away everything else. Thanks for all that you do! #preseed #vcs
11:00 AM · Sep 20, 2022

1,408 startups recently switched to AngelList for cap table management.

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