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A look at how AngelList helped startups, investors, & fund managers accelerate innovation in 2022.

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Notable co‑investors

Top 5 leading co-investors on AngelList deals.

  1. 1Y Combinator
    1,164 deals
  2. 2Andreessen Horowitz
    534 deals
  3. 3Founders Fund
    436 deals
  4. 4Soma Capital
    333 deals
  5. 5Global Founders Capital
    304 deals
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Harri Thomas
Harri Thomas@harri_thomas
We registered our business on @AngelList in March. What was previously a difficult process and 4 different tools is now much simpler. And the support is excellent. Can recommend!
11:42 PM · May 20, 2022


Total capital raised with AngelList Raise and Roll Up Vehicles.

RUVs for startups

Jay AlbertsFounder, Reel You


AngelList allows Jay Alberts to filter by his investment thesis and build a personalized index fund of private companies.

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Fund Managers
I use AngelList over Carta as my partner because there’s reduced complexity on fund formation and management, which means less work for a solo GP like me.
Lolita TaubManaging Partner, Ganas VC
Lead a Venture Fund

1,786 startups recently switched to AngelList for cap table management.

Equity management for startups
Austen Allred
Austen Allred@Austen
AngelList is a truly phenomenal product. I can invest in a startup as simply as sending an email. The entire investment process today is easier than just sending the wire used to be. And for the price of fees that round to zero.
9:49 AM · Nov 23, 2021


Funds and Syndicates on AngelList.

Invest in Syndicates

Elizabeth YinGP, Hustle Fund

Fund Managers

Elizabeth Yin and Hustle Fund have used AngelList to run over 100 SPVs into startups.

Lead a Syndicate
We’re using AngelList for our fundraising and it’s absolutely incredible. Everything is streamlined. It makes fundraising so easy for both the company and the investors.
Chris ConnorsCo-Founder,
Launch a startup
Fund Managers


Carry earned from capital committed by AngelList platform investors to date.

Lead a Venture Fund
 S◎L Big Brain (33.3%)
S◎L Big Brain (33.3%)@SOLBigBrain
If you are an accredited investor looking to get your foot in the door on early stage crypto deal flow check out @AngelList Seeing quite a few good deals come through via syndicates there. If anybody else is investing on there, put some of your favorite Web3 Syndicates below 🙏
8:01 AM · Apr 4, 2022
Fund Managers


Capital committed by AngelList platform investors since 2013.

Lead a Venture Fund

Kashif AliFounder, Stealth startup


It only took Kashif Ali 3 days to launch his new startup on AngelList and begin fundraising with Roll Up Vehicles.

Incorporation for startups

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Build a startup. Build a VC fund. Invest in both.