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Roll Up Vehicles

Streamline your closing with one entity for angel investors. With Roll Up Vehicles, founders get a single link that allows investors to commit and send funds online—and AngelList takes care of the rest.

Why founders choose Roll Up Vehicles

Close with one link

Get a single link through which accredited angels and operators can invest.

Control the cap table

All investors come in as a single line on your cap table and optionally proxy the voting rights.

Reduce admin costs

One-time fee covers all filings, tax documents, and distributions management for the RUV's lifetime.

How Roll Up Vehicles work

AngelList handles the entity formation, KYC, accreditation, collection of funds, tax documents, signatures, and distributions.

How Roll Up Vehicles work

AngelList handles the entity formation, KYC, accreditation, collection of funds, tax documents, signatures, and distributions.

Submit your company information

Enter a few pieces of information about your company to get started.

Share a link with investors

We’ll create a private deal page for your Roll Up Vehicle.

Investors fund their investments

Investors close into the Roll Up Vehicle electronically. AngelList handles the collection of funds, accreditation, and KYC.

Receive funds

AngelList forms the entity and sends a single wire to the company with just a single line to the cap table.

Start your Roll Up Vehicle
“As part of our fundraise we wanted to give value-add angels and longtime supporters the opportunity to participate alongside our institutional investors. The prospect of having to manage a complex cap table, chase signatures, and reconcile dozens of wires led us to use an AngelList Roll Up Vehicle. AngelList made it really simple for over sixty investors to close and helped us avoid the heavy legal costs that we would have seen otherwise.”
Jeremy Cai
Founder/CEO, Italic
“During our fundraise, we had many early customers and value-add investors that wanted to participate in our round. But managing dozens of individual investors would have substantially increased operational overhead for us. AngelList took care of all the paperwork and was incredibly communicative throughout the process. Our investors were able to sign and wire right on the platform and our legal counsel is a lot happier too!”
Shrav Mehta
Founder, Secureframe
We had dozens of early customers and massively-skilled operators that wanted to invest, but managing 50+ individual SAFEs would have been exorbitantly expensive and unruly. AngelList made the entire process smooth-as-butter … they handled all of the compliance, wires, and minutiae of paperwork. Win-win-win
Doug Ludlow
Founder & CEO, MainStreet

Roll Up Vehicle Case Studies

How Secureframe Maximized the Value of Its Cap Table With a Roll Up Vehicle
“It felt like we were managing one check instead of 50.”
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How a Roll Up Vehicle Allowed Arrows’ Co-Founders to Build With Their “Friends”
“Most of our investors said the process was too easy.”
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How Rootly’s Founders Used a Roll Up Vehicle to Add Strategic Angels to Their Seed Round
“It was nice to be able to provide a self - service way to do something that’s usually complicated.”
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Roll Up Vehicle pricing

Direct Investment


in setup costs with additional providers to handle taxes and accounting

Calculate cost comparison

Standard RUV
Custom RUV
Entity Formation
Banking & Accounting
Eligible Companies
Delaware C Corporations
US C Corporations
(& some international entities)
Eligible Investment Terms
SAFEs & Equity Rounds
All standard instruments
International Investors
Invite Link Customization
Upto three links with custom investment amount ranges
Unlimited links
Customize Fund Name on the Cap Table
Default name
Custom name
506(c) General Solicitation
Included (optional)
Included (optional)
Priority Support
Investor Dashboard
Spin Up Time
Supported Incorporation Countries
(Add On)
US based Delaware C Corporations
US & Canada included
Additional countries starting starting at $1.5k+
Blue Sky State Costs
Pass Through (typically around $1k)
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