Raise privately on a deal-by-deal basis and leverage the AngelList Capital Network to quickly fund your deals. Whether you’re leading one deal or several, AngelList Syndicates are the smartest way to run an SPV.
Increase access to capital

Raise more, faster by leveraging the AngelList Access Fund and network of accredited investors.

Earn carry

Receive carried interest and adjust what you share per LP per deal.

Grow your network

Establish yourself as a proven GP and build your network and LP backing.

How AngelList Syndicates work

Focus on your deals, not managing multiple service providers. AngelList handles legal formation, capital calls, tax documents, and everything else you need.

Create your Syndicate profile

Enter a few pieces of information to get started

Submit a deal

We’ll create a private deal page for your SPV

Invite LPs

Investors close into the SPV electronically

Deploy capital

AngelList wires funds to the company

Start your Syndicate




Typical allocation


From AngelList Platform LPs

Full-service Syndicate administration

You deal with your deals. We’ll deal with the rest.

AngelList Platform Capital

Raise from professional investors on AngelList

Seamless closes

Investors close into your Syndicate electronically.
AngelList takes care of fund formation docs and wires too

Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions
for the lifetime of your investment

“We're a group of Google alumni (Xooglers) and current Googlers who have come together to help each other advance our ambitions in the startup ecosystem. The community consists of over 8,000 community members of Xoogler startup founders, early Google employees, angel investors, VCs, and mentors. Our active community engages through 200+ events and daily conversations on our community platform.”
Sandeep Jain, Chris Fong
Google Advancing the tech community
Airbnb brought together talented and ambitious people from around the globe who built and scaled a special company. Now, in the spirit of being good hosts, we, along with investors in our syndicate, support ambitious new entrepreneurs as they embrace new adventures. Due to our network and reach, we are fortunate enough to work with many of these founders from day one.”
Dan Rumennik, Lenny Rachitsky
Founders of Airbnb
“Uber built teams all over the world to solve the challenges that came with hyper-growth. We believe that the people who build the world’s most impactful companies learn unique skills and form deep connections with their teammates. Our active community of investors sources opportunities and provides support for ambitious founders and early teams along the way.”
Williams Barnes, Josh Mohrer
Uber community

Full-service SPV administration

You deal with your deals. We’ll deal with the rest.


Create an AngelList Syndicate and raise on a deal-by-deal basis


Setup fee

+ State regulatory fees



on AngelList Platform LPs


Back-office services

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Start your syndicate
Setup costs

There's a one-time $8K setup fee for each deal plus variable state regulatory fees. The cost is distributed across all of the LPs who participate and prorated based on their investment amount. This covers all AngelList services, including entity formation, LP accreditation and management, K-1 tax filing, accounting, compliance, distribution, and all the other back-office services your syndicate needs.


As a lead, you earn carried interest, which is your share of any profits realized by your SPV’s LPs. You can choose to share carry with investors and adjust it per LP per deal.

No carry on your own LPs
5% carry on AngelList Platform LPs

We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for starting, running, and managing your syndicate.

Entity formation and maintenance
Online closes for LPs
KYC/AML checks for all LPs
Track active investments by cost, value (realized and unrealized), multiple, and date
Prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions for the life of the fund
Dedicated account manager to help run fund operations and answer questions
View full list of services
Raise privately on a deal-by-deal basis and leverage the AngelList Capital Network to fund your deals.
End-to-end SPV support, including SPV formation, admin, filings, investor closings, and tax.
Setup fee
State regulatory fees:
State regulatory fees refer to blue sky filing fees required in any state. While costs may vary by state and province depending on the makeup of your investors, and are subject to increases year-to-year, AngelList collects a flat $2K fee and covers any filing costs in excess.
$2k flat fee
Pricing may vary with add-on services