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AngelList’s networked banking provides increased customer access to FDIC insurance and mitigates single-bank risk.

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Fund Managers
AngelList is hands down the easiest & most complete fund service provider out there.
Harry StebbingsManaging Partner, 20VC
Lead a Venture Fund

Kashif AliFounder, Stealth startup


It only took Kashif Ali 3 days to launch his new startup on AngelList and begin fundraising with Roll Up Vehicles.

Incorporation for startups
Bruno Faviero
Bruno Faviero@Bfaviero
Talking to founders last year: "Use Clerky or Stripe Atlas, Carta/Pulley, Mercury, and a couple of other tools." Today: "Just use @AngelList".
12:16 PM · Aug 2, 2022


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Notable co‑investors

Top 5 leading co-investors on AngelList deals.

  1. 1Y Combinator
    1,164 deals
  2. 2Andreessen Horowitz
    534 deals
  3. 3Founders Fund
    436 deals
  4. 4Soma Capital
    333 deals
  5. 5Global Founders Capital
    304 deals
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3,017 startups recently switched to AngelList for cap table management.

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As soon as I moved to AngelList, my investment life changed for the better. Now I fund AngelList once a year, and then making investments is as simple as sending an email to my VCA.
Paul EnglishFounder, Kayak
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Jay AlbertsFounder, Reel You


AngelList allows Jay Alberts to filter by his investment thesis and build a personalized index fund of private companies.

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Alex MacCaw
Alex MacCaw@maccaw
Doing a rolling fund with @angellist has been a great experience. Simplifying back-office, raising/LP management, and investing has allowed us to focus almost exclusively on new investments and working with the portfolio. They are breaking down many of the barriers in venture
2:04 PM · Apr 5, 2021


Median valuation of seed-stage B2B companies raising in Q3 2022.

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A look at how AngelList helped startups, investors, & fund managers accelerate innovation in 2022.

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Using AngelList, I see lots of deals I would never normally see. All the information on each deal is standardized, and paperwork is kept to a minimum.
Ari PaparoCEO, Marketecture Media
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Lenny RachitskyAngel Investor

Fund Managers

AngelList helped Lenny Rachitsky (along with Dan Rumennik) turn the Airbnb Alumni Syndicate into one of the top-performing alumni investing networks.

Lead a Syndicate
Shoutout to the @AngelList team for their fantastic service! Especially for their immediate responsive support💜
1:03 AM · Jul 21, 2022

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