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Top 5 unicorns that received investments through AngelList.

  1. 1SpaceX
  2. 2Stripe
  3. 3Instacart
  4. 4Databricks
  5. 5Epic Games
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Shoutout to the @AngelList team for their fantastic service! Especially for their immediate responsive support💜
1:03 AM · Jul 21, 2022

Brian NicholsGM, Hustle Fund

Fund Managers

Brian Nichols uses AngelList to easily spin up SPVs to double down on breakout companies from Hustle Fund’s portfolio.

Lead a Syndicate
Using AngelList, I see lots of deals I would never normally see. All the information on each deal is standardized, and paperwork is kept to a minimum.
Ari PaparoCEO, Marketecture Media
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Arie Abecassis
Arie Abecassis@arieabec
While I tell people that I’m a solo GP, I really do view @AngelList as a business partner. They make it really easy for to focus on what’s most important and abstract away everything else. Thanks for all that you do! #preseed #vcs
11:00 AM · Sep 20, 2022

Apoorva GovindFounder, Bestever


AngelList makes investing fast and easy, so Apoorva can support other startups while building her own.

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Fund Managers
AngelList is hands down the easiest & most complete fund service provider out there.
Harry StebbingsManaging Partner, 20VC
Lead a Venture Fund


Total capital raised with AngelList Raise and Roll Up Vehicles.

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A look at how AngelList helped startups, investors, & fund managers accelerate innovation in 2022.

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Austen Allred
Austen Allred@Austen
AngelList is a truly phenomenal product. I can invest in a startup as simply as sending an email. The entire investment process today is easier than just sending the wire used to be. And for the price of fees that round to zero.
9:49 AM · Nov 23, 2021

Cindy BiGP, CapitalX

Fund Managers

Cindy Bi has deployed over $18M into startups through her AngelList fund.

Lead a Venture Fund
AngelList’s ease of cap table entries, responsiveness of service requests, scope of features, and price were all superior to what we experienced with our prior provider.
David SniderFounder/CEO, Harness Wealth
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