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Top 5 investments with the largest capital distributions.

  1. 1Transferwise
  2. 2Marqeta
  3. 3Zomato
  4. 4JumpCloud
  5. 5Protocol Labs
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Harri Thomas
Harri Thomas@harri_thomas
We registered our business on @AngelList in March. What was previously a difficult process and 4 different tools is now much simpler. And the support is excellent. Can recommend!
11:42 PM · May 20, 2022
Using AngelList, I see lots of deals I would never normally see. All the information on each deal is standardized, and paperwork is kept to a minimum.
Ari PaparoCEO, Marketecture Media
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Lenny RachitskyAngel Investor

Fund Managers

AngelList helped Lenny Rachitsky (along with Dan Rumennik) turn the Airbnb Alumni Syndicate into one of the top-performing alumni investing networks.

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Arie Abecassis
Arie Abecassis@arieabec
While I tell people that I’m a solo GP, I really do view @AngelList as a business partner. They make it really easy for to focus on what’s most important and abstract away everything else. Thanks for all that you do! #preseed #vcs
11:00 AM · Sep 20, 2022
As soon as I moved to AngelList, my investment life changed for the better. Now I fund AngelList once a year, and then making investments is as simple as sending an email to my VCA.
Paul EnglishFounder, Kayak
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David Ikenna AdamsFounder, If Then Ventures


David Ikenna Adams was able to onboard 35 angel investors as a single line on his company's cap table using a Roll Up Vehicle.

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Austen Allred
Austen Allred@Austen
AngelList is a truly phenomenal product. I can invest in a startup as simply as sending an email. The entire investment process today is easier than just sending the wire used to be. And for the price of fees that round to zero.
9:49 AM · Nov 23, 2021
Fund Managers
I use AngelList over Carta as my partner because there’s reduced complexity on fund formation and management, which means less work for a solo GP like me.
Lolita TaubManaging Partner, Ganas VC
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Median valuation of seed-stage B2B companies raising in Q3 2022.

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