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Compensation done right

AngelList People removes the friction from crafting compelling offers, retaining your team, and issuing equity.
Build. Raise. Grow.
With AngelList People, founders get access to a full suite of networked startup products—all in one place.
Compensation features
Market Pay
Make smarter compensation decisions. Search market compensation data for comparable companies. Compare compensation across roles, levels, and locations.

Engineering, design, product, sales, operations, finance, and more

Dig into data from companies similar to yours

See compensation differences by location, or pay your remote team evenly

Learn the typical salary vs. equity breakdown for each role

Explore compensation benchmarks
Offers on Autopilot
Build offer packages in line with market rates to increase your candidate acceptance rate.

Understand live market data and win out against competing offers

Ensure new offers line up fairly against your current team

Send offers quickly with our template offer agreements

Remove bias when crafting offer packages

Calculate an offer
Pay Right
Ensure your team is paid fairly. Identify under-compensated employees and save thousands by reducing churn.

Compare how you pay employees in the same role

Easily spot pay inequalities

Understand how your departments contribute to monthly burn

Calculate what it would cost to adjust your team to market rates

Review your team’s compensation

Sync seamlessly with your payroll and HRIS provider.

Create a competitive and fair compensation strategy in 5 minutes.

Auto-generate compensation bands from market data

Adjust bands as the market changes

Add additional bands as your team grows

Set your team up for success from the beginning

Level your compensation
Visual Offers
Easily compose visual offers that improve the candidate experience. Express your company’s work style and culture to candidates. Allow candidates to accept and sign your offer.

Manage offer details across the hiring manager, recruiting, and finance

Customize the sections and copy in the visual offer for each candidate

Send offers with template docs, which candidates can e-sign to accept

Stand out against the candidate’s competing offers

Create a visual offer
Pricing for any startup
A one-of-a-kind startups software solution for every stage including tools for cap table management, fundraising, banking, and hiring.
Billed monthly
Best for early-stage startups that have raised less than $1M—free for new customers.
1.88% APY*
2 team members included
$8/additional member per month
Investors are free
$1,560 billed annually
Best for startups that need basic equity plan admin and fundraising tools.
1.88% APY*
20 team members included
$9/additional member per month
Investors are free
Everything in Base plan
Stock option exercising
Fundraise scenario modeling
$3,600 billed annually
Best for startups that need 409a valuations, RUVs, and advanced equity management.
4.33% APY*
30 team members included
$10/additional member per month
Investors are free
Everything in Starter plan
409a valuations***
Rollup unlimited investors
One standard no-fee RUV per year
Priority onboarding and support
Raise equity rounds
*Features vary per plan. Pricing subject to change. See pricing for Incorporation and Roll Up Vehicles™
How to get started
Connect your HR system
We provide a seamless connection with 38 HR integration systems. Connect yours in two minutes.
Automatically sync your employees
We’ll import your employees into AngelList People, letting you dive into your team’s data immediately.
Explore the data and review your team
Invite your hiring team or get started solo with benchmarking, offers, and leveling.