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Projector—modern portfolio scenario modeling


Make smarter investments with AngelList Projector. Visualize projected performance and gain full transparency into your fund through Projector’s portfolio construction and management tools.

Performance MetricsIncluding returns, DPI, IRR, and MOIC

Cash Flow ModelDetailed fund cash flow analysis

Actual Investment DataSync via AngelList Connect, CSV, or manually upload

LP ReportsExport and share construction reports with investors


Proprietary market data

Improve the accuracy of your fund projections by leveraging AngelList's proprietary venture data. Create custom assumption sets to explore the potential impact of different market conditions on fund performance.

Robust follow-on strategy

Test, create, and visualize different follow-on strategies to inform future capital allocations. Adjust your desired participation rate, check sizes, or target ownership percentages to see different hypothetical exit paths for your investments and their impact on your fund returns.

AI-powered fund strategy

Utilize the AngelList AI-powered solver to find high performing fund strategies. Specify your percentage of capital allocation across stages and the AI Solver will showcase a portfolio construction strategy aiming to yield the highest projected returns.


Tailored to your needs

One software for all your portfolio construction and modeling needs, providing you with

  • Follow-on planner and cash flow model
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • AngelList market assumptions and customize market assumption sets
  • Add investment data manually or via AngelList back office sync
  • Construction report for LPs

*For existing AngelList customers, please reach out to your account manager for more information.



Everything you
need to know

AngelList market assumptions are based on proprietary AngelList data from startup investments on the AngelList platform. This data is supplemented with additional third-party data from the broader venture market.

Projector provides projections for Gross and Net DPI, IRR, and MOIC along with fund capital returns (broken down by returns to LPs and GPs).

The exit model assumes a certain percentage of companies fail, graduate, and exit at each stage and applies assumptions about dilution and exit valuations to calculate potential distributions. Because venture returns don’t follow a normal distribution and typically exhibit a large variance, Projector runs hundreds of Monte Carlo simulations and presents results as the 50th percentile range.

There are three ways you can import your investment data; sync with AngelList Back Office, upload via CSV, or add data manually.

If you use AngelList as your back office, Projector has a one click integration to sync your investments. Once integrated, Projector will automatically keep your investments in sync.

If you don’t use AngelList as your back office, you can upload your investments via CSV or add each investment manually through the Projector UI.

Projector’s AI Solver runs hundreds of investing strategies through the Projector exit model to find likely high performing outcomes.

Projector’s cash flow model provides you with a birds-eye view of the projected cash flowing into and out of your fund on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Projector uses your fund details and investing strategy to make an educated guess about your capital inflows (capital calls, exit proceeds) and outflows (investments, management fees, expenses) and what the resulting projected cash balance of your fund may be at any given time in the future.

Company projections allow you to customize the anticipated outcomes for a given company in your portfolio. By default, Projector creates a base case scenario for the company, based on assumptions about the broader venture market. With company projections, you can edit this to match your personal expectations for the company. You can also create additional scenarios (bear, bull, etc) for the company and assign probabilities to each case.

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Level up your fund’s portfolio construction and management strategy with customizable scenario modeling, exclusive market data, AI solver, and LP reports—all within a single platform.

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