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Treasury—centralized capital management


Venture banking is complicated, but it doesn't need to be fragmented. With AngelList Treasury, set up, operate, and report from one live, integrated dashboard across all your funds and accounts

190KFacilitated distributions
$60BCapital moved on our ledger
680KInitiated capital calls to LPs


Instant account setup

Get started in less than two minutes by opening an operating account with up to $125M in FDIC coverage or linking an existing account. For long-term capital storage needs, opt for our simplified process to create a GSIB vault account using our programmatic connection.

Operational control

Execute on all your fund and cash management tasks in a single location. From deploying funds and paying expenses to approving wire transfers and distributing capital. Invest in Money Market Funds to optimize your IRR or request a Capital Call Line of Credit directly through your dashboard.

Unified reporting

Consolidated and live reporting across all of your accounts, for all of your funds, in one place. View balances and wire history within a single ledger.

Maximized protection, including up to $125M of FDIC coverage

Sweep NetworkOptimized FDIC coverage

GSIB AccountsProgrammatically connected

Wire TransfersCustomized approval workflows

SOC2 Certified & 2FAEnsured account security


$5k annual fee

One annual all-in-fee that includes:

  • Programmatic GSIB & networked banking accounts
  • Domestic & international wires & ACH transfers
  • Unified reporting & operating control across accounts
  • Premium Money Market Funds and Lines of Credit features offered at service costs

For existing AngelList customers, please reach out to your account manager for more information.


Everything you
need to know

Money market funds are registered investment companies typically used for cash management by institutional and retail investors. Their investment objectives include generation of income and preservation of capital. We partner with Frec, an introducing broker-dealer, to facilitate investment in the JPMorgan U.S. Government Money Market Fund OGVXX.

Once transfers are initiated and approved, funds are typically transferred within 2 business days.

You can set robust permissions, with separate roles for creation and approval of wires. International and domestic wires, in USD and foreign currencies, are supported, all for free.

This is provided through Piermont Bank. Piermont has provided a templatized Line of Credit agreement for venture capital funds that are interested in entering into a capital call line of credit. Piermont will work with you to underwrite and originate your loan.

We currently support GSIB Vault account creation at Morgan Stanley.

As of June 29th, 2023, your operating account deposits are eligible for up to $125M in FDIC coverage via AngelList’s networked banking partners, including PNC and Capital One.

You can connect with over 3,000 financial institutions. For additional questions, please reach out to

AngelList Treasury has no minimum balance requirement. The Money Market Fund and Vault features are only available if your operating account holds at least $100,000.

Funds domiciled outside of the US will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our banking partners. You can reach out directly to if you're interested in AngelList Treasury and have a fund domiciled outside of the US.

For any additional questions, please reach out to

Ready to experience AngelList Treasury?

Get started with Treasury in less than two minutes. Unlock flexible, secure, streamlined banking for all your VC capital management needs.

Looking for a venture operating account?

AngelList's Networked Banking provides venture funds with a networked approach to banking. In less than 2 minutes, open an operating account built on our sweep network with up to $125M in FDIC coverage, all with no extra cost.

Learn more about Networked Banking

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