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Clean your
cap table with Rollups

No more chasing down investor signatures. Rollups retroactively clean up the SAFEs already on the cap table so companies get faster equity rounds and lower administrative costs.
How Rollups Work
Each direct SAFE means more administrative overhead and greater risk of delay during an equity financing.

With Rollups, companies can optimize their cap table while preserving the economic rights of their SAFE investors.

The Rollup Agreement contains a limited purpose power of attorney and a voting agreement that allows the company to sign conversion documents as long as the SAFE is converting according to its terms.

The result is effortless SAFE conversions during an equity round for both founders and investors.
Marie Schneegans
Co-Founder, Motif
“Motif signed over 30 SAFEs to raise initial funds. We feared chasing down all of those investor signatures in future financings. But our investors were happy to sign the Rollups Agreement, saving Motif ~$20,000 and ~2 weeks time.”
Rollup in 3 simple steps
1. Share your existing SAFEs
Tell us about your company and existing SAFE investors. The more SAFE investors you have, the more time and money you can save.

Works for any previously signed SAFEs

No capital contribution limits or restrictions

Works with international investors

2. Invite SAFE investors to sign
Easily invite your previous SAFE investors to sign the Rollup Agreement through Stack. Stack helps you keep track of the process and follow up with investors.

Replaces e-signature tools like DocuSign

Signed document storage built into the cap table

Track investors’ signature status and easily follow up

3. Enjoy a cleaner cap table
Now you can sign conversion documents as long as the SAFEs are converting according to their terms. The result is lower overhead for both founders and investors.

For companies with their cap table on Stack, “rolled up” SAFEs appear as one row on Stack’s cap table so founders can view their cap table through the lens of required approvals.

With the Stack Growth plan, Rollups, RUVs, and Stack’s cap table work together to optimize cap table and equity management.

For the best results, combine Rollups with Stack cap table

No-fee migrations to Stack cap table from any cap table provider

Flexible pricing

Rollup pricing is based on the number of investors that sign the Rollup Agreement.
Companies can save $1.2k in administrative costs per investor that signs the Rollup Agreement.

One-time Rollup


25 investor signatures included
$175/additional signature

Rollup Agreement

E-signature automation

Rollup reporting

  • RUVs are 25% off when purchased with Rollups.

Stack Growth Plan


Unlimited investor signatures

3 standard No-Fee RUVs per year

Cap table & equity management

409A valuation ($1.5k value)

Fundraising automation

Investor updates

Data rooms

Have questions? Email us at stack@angellist.com
Are Rollups different from RUVs?
Yes. RUVs streamline future fundraises. Rollups streamline previously signed SAFEs.

Neither change the financial terms of the existing underlying agreement

Rollups work for existing SAFEs

RUVs work for new SAFEs, equity rounds, and convertible notes

Both are available for a one-time fee or as part of Stack pricing plans

Focus on your company
Rollups are included in Stack's Growth Plan. Get access to our full stack of founder services, including cap table management, employee offer letters, banking, and more—all in one place. Focus on building your company and let us handle the rest.