Rolling Funds®

Fundraise publicly and continuously. Your LPs subscribe quarterly, so you can regularly accept new capital — and never need to raise another fund again.
Grow on your own terms
Fundraise Publicly
Our Rolling Funds fall under SEC Rule 506(c), which means they’re publicly marketable.
Start Investing Right Away
Our always-on quarterly subscription model means you can start investing with less capital upfront.
Continuously Accept New Capital
Leverage portfolio markups and accept new capital quarterly, so you never need to raise another fund again.

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Will Rolling Funds Roll Over the Venture Capital Industry?
In the world of venture capital, the big news of the past two weeks has been AngelList’s “Rolling Venture Funds.” More than 15 funds have publicly launched on the platform since February, including those led by Sahil Lavingia, Allyson Kapin and Kate Brodock, Cindy Bi and others.
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Rollin’ (ARR-paid vehicle)
One of the themes we talk about a lot in this newsletter, such as here and here and here and here and here, is how Silicon Valley is a “controlled bubble”.It has to be! Startups have a major structural problem to overcome...
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How Rolling Funds Work From the Inside
How did we create ours in just 10 weeks and what will it change in the venture capital industry? I had just spent over a year trying to raise The Refiners Fund II, and after a long roadshow trying to convince LPs to invest in our Fund, we were finally about to announce...
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Rolling Funds & the Rise of the Micro LPs
My corner of Twitter has been absolutely dominated by talk of rolling funds lately.I wrote briefly about rolling funds a few weeks ago in ‘My First VC Investment’. And Minal Hassan put out an excellent comprehensive post on them on her Substack...
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Rolling Fund Weekly - Edition #4
Welcome to the fourth edition of Rolling Fund News, a weekly digest with updates and analysis of rolling funds and their wider impact on venture capital and early-stage investing. This week, we’re highlighting an informative interview and Q&A in case you missed it...
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Rolling Funds®
An all encompassing solution to collect money from your LPs on a quarterly basis.
Full Service
quarterly cost
0.15% of fund size ($20k minimum) per quarterly fund
Fund admin, tax services, fund filings, transaction reviews, and valuation support
Number of investments:
Quarterly state
regulatory fees:
Variable ($5k max)
Quarterly costs consist of an upfront setup fee and an ongoing fund services fee over 10 years
Start your Rolling Fund®
Here are just a few of the services we provide
We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for starting, running, and managing your fund.
A dedicated account manager is assigned to every Rolling Fund®
Banking, investor management platform, deployment, portfolio tracking, fund-level reporting, accounting, distribution support
Creation of legal fund formation documentation
Formation, filings, ongoing fees, ERA filings for the fund
Fully electronic LP closing, KYC, and AML tool
Ongoing valuation of the fund's assets
Track and allocate income and expenses by tax characteristic, prepare and file taxes, and issue investor Schedule K-1s