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Equity Blocks — Instantly issue equity


Equity Blocks eliminate the need for board consents for every grant.

Before, companies needed to get board approval for every equity grant, often delaying grants by weeks. Now, Boards approve Equity Blocks so standard grants can move faster. The result is employees get their equity on their first day while boards maintain control and companies stay compliant with existing Delaware law.

Configure Equity BlockSet constraints like max units per grant, vesting schedules, block expiry, and more.

Get board approvalSet delegates, send to board for approval, and collect e-signatures.

Instantly grant equityGrants are executed as long as they comply with the Equity Block’s constraints.

Sync with your boardReporting and notifications keep board members in control and companies accountable.



With Equity Blocks, compensation teams move faster with greater control over the equity granting process.


Boards get real-time visibility into grants instead of hearing of already-offered grants at board meetings.


Signal to new hires that their equity is real and valuable from day 1, not weeks after they start working.


Companies remain accountable to their board with reporting and eliminate the risk that standard grants mistakenly skip the board approval process.

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