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Tie Out Assistant—faster cap table audits, powered by AI

Online cap tables aren't the source of truth. The legal documents and the law firm are. Tie Out Assistant increases the number of clients your firm can serve at one time.


Tie Out Assistant uses AI to help law firms audit cap tables with AI to catch errors before they cost millions.

Equity GrantsDynamically cross-check equity grants, vesting schedules, and other terms against what was approved by the board.

SAFEsEnsure the investment amount, valuation cap, discount, and key terms match the approved document.

Stock CertificatesEnsure Stock Purchase Agreements are synced on number of shares and key terms.

Board ConsentsEnsure that board consents are present, signed, and approve the right option grants.



Leverage AI to audit client cap tables faster. Instantly know what needs attention so financing events stay on track.


Coordinate with your clients using automated accuracy reports to efficiently fix any discrepancies.


AngelList Equity is the first and only cap table to use AI to verify that cap table changes match the underlying legal documents.

Try Tie Out Assistant With Any Client

Tie Out Assistant can be used with any company, regardless of what they use for cap table management