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Start your company in a few simple steps

AngelList makes it possible to start and run a company in a few simple steps. Focus on your company, and we'll get you ready to manage equity, fundraise, and more.

First incorporate, then run your business on AngelList

Equity ManagementYour cap table on AngelList is automatically set up and updated as you purchase founder stock, issue SAFEs, and issue employee equity.

FundraisingQuickly create data rooms, issue SAFEs, and manage equity rounds. As funds arrive, your cap table is automatically updated.

Money MovementConnect your bank accounts to seamlessly collect investor capital and conduct equity-related transactions.

AnalyticsStreamline financial operations by automatically generating real-time financial statements and startup metrics.


How it works

AngelList partners with Stripe Atlas to set up companies. Submit your application and your company will be incorporated in 1-3 business days.

  • Incorporate a company in Delaware

  • Receive a company tax ID (EIN) from the IRS

  • Issue founder shares and equity pool

  • File your 83(b) election

Once incorporated, your AngelList cap table, fundraising tools, and bank accounts are ready for use - no manual data transfer or entry required. AngelList enables you to immediately grant equity, fundraise, hire employees, and spend money.

Get started


Apply in minutes

Everything you need to get started, including a 1 year subscription to AngelList's Starter Plan. You’ll be ready to run and scale a venture-backed startup in a day or two.

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one-time fee

Included with Incorporation

  • Entity formation in Delaware

  • State filing fees

  • IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN tax ID)

  • Founder stock issuance, custom equity pool and 83(b) filings

  • Legal templates and founder discounts

  • 1 free year of Delaware registered agent, $100 per year thereafter. Renews automatically

  • 1 free year subscription to Angellist's Starter plan


Everything you
need to know

You’ll need a Delaware C Corporation and a company tax ID (EIN) to manage your cap table, open a banking account, or fundraise with AngelList. We’ve partnered with Stripe Atlas to help you incorporate and get your company set up on AngelList.

Yes. Equity management and banking are available for companies that already incorporated here.

AngelList and Stripe Atlas have partnered to provide you the fastest path to incorporation and running your company. When you arrive at the Stripe Atlas registration page via AngelList, you’ll create a Stripe account (or login if you already have one).

You’ll fill out a Stripe Atlas application (~10 minutes) about your company. Once reviewed, Stripe Atlas will file your formation documents in Delaware, set up your annual registered agent for compliance, and file your tax ID request with the IRS. Stripe Atlas will also help you and your co-founders issue and purchase equity, and file 83(b) tax elections.

Once you have completed the incorporation application, and before you receive your EIN, Stripe Atlas will send information to AngelList on your behalf in order to set up your account, configure your cap table, and pre-fill your banking application.

Once you receive your company’s tax ID from the IRS, you’ll see an option to finish setting up your company on AngelList. Your data will always be processed in accordance with Stripe and AngelList’s privacy policies.

You’ll pay Stripe Atlas $500 for company formation, which also includes and your registered agent fee for the first year. After your first year, you will pay Stripe Atlas $100 per year to maintain your registered agent. Stripe Atlas will complete template documentation for you and file it in Delaware. Stripe Atlas will also help apply for your tax ID (EIN) from the IRS, issue founder stock, and you file your 83(b) election. You’ll receive documents including a filed Certificate of Incorporation, a filed SS-4, a returned EIN document (for example, a CP-575, form 147c, or a returned SS-4), and a Common Stock Purchase Agreement.

AngelList's Starter Plan is free for startups that have raised less than $1M in capital. You’ll pay AngelList for any of AngelList's paid products, according to AngelList’s pricing. Please reach out to for more information.

AngelList is purpose-built for high-growth U.S. technology companies that intend to raise venture capital funding.

For regulatory reasons, we cannot support companies that involve gambling, wagering, cannabis, tobacco, firearms, or manufacturing alcohol.

No. AngelList is built for Delaware C-corporations.

Stripe Atlas handles questions or concerns specific to your incorporation. You can reach their support team at AngelList handles questions or concerns specific to AngelList’s software. You can reach their support team at

Yes, international founders can use the incorporation functionality but other functionality requires a valid US address.

AngelList provides this service through our partner, Pilot. As part of your incorporation, the Pilot team will automatically pre-provision your account on Pilot and link it to your AngelList account so that you’re ready to hire yourself and others as soon as you receive funding.

As part of AngelList, you’ll get exclusive savings on Pilot so that you can hire employees in 130+ countries and contractors in 240+ countries.