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Talking to founders last year: “Use Clerky or Stripe Atlas, Carta/Pulley, Mercury, and a couple of other tools.” Today: “Just use @AngelList.”
Bruno Faviero
Co-Founder & CEO, Magna
Everything you need to build, raise, and grow.
The operating system for modern startups.
Equity & cap table management
Your cap table is automatically set up with AngelList Equity and updates as you make changes.

Full cap table management suite with digital stock certificates

Issue employee equity grants, share certificates, and updates

Streamline your cap table with unique tools that lower costs

Explore AngelList Equity
AngelList Raise lets you instantly issue SAFEs & manage rounds with a single link.

Securely share pitch decks and make instant closes

Create Roll Up Vehicles to consolidate angel investors and keep the cap table clean

Seamlessly add any previously raised SAFEs or equity rounds.

Explore AngelList Raise
Money Movement
Collect funds
Connect your bank accounts to AngelList for seamless fundraising and stock option exercising.

ACH and wire

Supports direct transfers from investors to your account

Supports optionholder exercise payments

From job offer to updated cap table with AngelList People.

Create dynamic offer letter and increase your accept rate

Automate equity incentives with direct integration to your cap table

Seamlessly connect to third party HR systems to support international and domestic employees

Explore AngelList People
Launch a fundraising-ready venture startup in minutes.

Incorporate then your cap table will be set up for you.

Be fundraising-ready with SAFE automation and data rooms.

Lean on dedicated support

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Pricing plans
One software suite for cap table management and fundraising
10% off when referred by your law firm
20 team members included
investors are free
More than 20? Contact us
10% off when referred by your law firm
30 team members included
Investors are free
More than 30? Contact us
Everything in Starter plan
409A Valuation²
Cap table pro formas
Exercise transactions
Unlimited Rollups
HRIS integration
Growth +
10% off when referred by your law firm
30 team members included
Investors are free
More than 30? Contact us
Everything in Growth plan
One standard RUV per year
Automated closings for equity rounds & custom agreements
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Discounts for multi-year contracts
Custom plans for larger companies that require a more tailored solution.
For larger teams and unique structures
Investors are free
ASC 718
Early access to new features
Priority support (phone + shared Slack)
Fast-tracked onboarding
Starter Plan is free for companies that have raised less than $1M.
Features vary per plan. Existing customers enjoy legacy pricing options. Pricing subject to change.
To qualify for the Growth+ pricing plan, your cap table must be live on AngelList Equity.
See individual pricing for Incorporation and Roll Up Vehicles™
There’s more
All of the tooling you need to grow your company
Data Rooms & Investor Updates
Data rooms and investor updates feature unique tracking, watermarking, passcodes, and other security features to ensure your sensitive data stays confidential.
Employee Offer Letters
Create dynamic offer letters that visualize the value of your equity and persuade employees to accept your offer.
409A Valuations
Included in the Growth Plan. Available independently upon request.
Granular Permissions
Allow team members access to specific components without additional permissions.
Global Hiring, Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, and other Perks
Hire yourself, as well as contractors and employees, anywhere in the world with special pricing, as well as over $200k of other perks & credits.

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