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fundraising for startups


Launch your round, close investors, and collect capital - all in one place. AngelList Raise is the trusted platform where direct checks and ™️ work together seamlessly.


Plan your round

Gain access to real-time market data from AngelList to conduct research on fundraising benchmarks by stage and industry.

Providing insights to confidently set round terms and negotiate with investors.

Launch your round

Configure terms, round size, investment amounts, invite investors, and more with just a few clicks.

Raise using standard YC SAFEs, or bring your own convertible note, SAFE, and equity round documents. Invite investors to commit in a few clicks.

Add a Roll Up Vehicle

Control admin costs and maintain a clean cap table by inviting potential investors to invest via an RUV™.

All investors within an RUV™ come in as a single line on your cap table and we proxy the voting rights back to you.

Close investors

Seamlessly close investors by allowing them to view investment details, commit, sign documents, and wire funds with a single link.

AngelList gives you transparency into the closing process, handles accreditation, includes e-signature. When you're ready to receive funds, connect your bank account to receive investments, or AngelList sends you one wire for RUVs™.



Plans for every stage

Begin your fundraising journey today with SAFEs at no cost, or choose the Growth+ plan, offering RUVs, custom documentation, and more.



/ year

20 team members included
Investors are free

Free for companies that have raised less than $1M


  • Equity

  • Raise



/ year

30 team members included
Investors are free

More than 30? Contact us

Everything in Starter, and:

  • 409A valuation

  • E-sign for equity grants

  • Cap table pro forma generation

  • Option exercise transactions

  • HRIS integration

  • Raise with custom docs (non-YC SAFEs)

  • Clean up your cap table with SAFE Cleanups

Growth Plus


/ year

30 team members included
Investors are free

More than 30? Contact us

Everything in Growth, and:

  • One standard Roll Up Vehicle (RUV) per year

  • Better equity plan administration with Equity Blocks

  • Automated closings for equity rounds


Contact us

Tailored plans for larger companies
Discounts for multi-year contracts
Investors are free

Everything in Growth plus, and:

  • ASC 718

  • Priority support (phone / slack)

  • Fast-tracked onboarding

  • Early access to new features

"Team members" does not include investors. It is the sum of founders, employees, advisors/service providers with equity or options.

Prices listed above are not inclusive of applicable state taxes.

Experience AngelList’s Software for Startups

From equity management to fundraising, AngelList builds the infrastructure that powers the startups economy. Get started with the suite of software products designs for high-growth, modern companies.

What to know when you’re raising


Although most AngelList founders prefer using AngelList’s fundraising and cap table together for integrated workflows, companies can use AngelList’s fundraising tools without signing up for AngelList’s cap table.

All investors have to be accredited and they must meet both their local and the US definition to qualify as an accredited investor.

Our fundraising tools are best suited for US C Corps building venture-scale businesses.