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Developing Curiosity and Resourcefulness as a Venture Associate

Tell us about yourself

I attended the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) where I studied finance and economics. Prior to joining AngelList, I was a financial analyst at Intel focusing on their machine learning software business. Prior to that, I worked at a fintech startup called Unbill. 

I’m an avid fly-fisherman, backpacker, and fitness enthusiast. Each summer, I take a road trip through the Western US to camp and fly-fish in different areas.

What attracted you to AngelList Venture?

One of my first jobs was at an early stage fintech startup. I joined shortly after they'd raised venture capital, and as a result I was exposed to its impact very early in my career. Since then, I've followed the industry closely. There is no better place than AngelList if you have a strong interest in venture capital. 

Describe the Venture Associate role in one sentence

Venture Associates partner with fund managers to launch venture funds, close deals, and serve as a trusted partner for all things AngelList.

How did your previous job at Intel prepare you for the role? 

My job at Intel taught me how to understand second-order implications, how to prioritize tasks, and how to effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders. I rely on all of these skills in the Venture Associate role. 

Colt fly fishing in Oregon.

What’s the most important skill that has helped you be successful in the Venture Associate role?

Communication. Being able to concisely and accurately explain ideas, problems, and solutions is extremely important.

What have you learned working as a Venture Associate?

Resourcefulness. The venture associate team operates at an extremely high level, and it’s a result of each individual, and the team collectively, being relentlessly resourceful.   

What do you hope to accomplish at AngelList Venture?

I’m extremely excited about the future of the company. As we continue to innovate and disrupt VC, I’m most looking forward to continuing to build relationships with fund managers and helping them scale their funds. 

What is your top life hack for Venture Associates?

Be curious! Curiosity is something that can be developed, and there is nothing closer to magic than genuine curiosity. 

What advice would you give Venture Associate applicants?

Spend time researching AngelList’s products and the value they provide. Truly understanding the value we provide to fund managers will help you better understand the business and our mission.