Venture Funds

Raise capital, close deals, and manage your portfolio — all from a single platform. AngelList handles all overhead and back-office services, so you can focus on your deals.
Earn carry

Earn carried interest on your investments and adjust what you share per LP.

End-to-end platform

AngelList provides a streamlined platform for everything you need to run your fund.

Move quickly

Raise once, instead of deal-by-deal — so you can invest swiftly and win competitive allocations.

Everything you need to run your fund

AngelList provides a complete solution with premium service to ensure your fund runs smoothly. We handle legal formation, capital calls, tax documents, and all the other back-office services your fund needs.

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Venture Funds


unicorns invested into
via AngelList


Assets supported

Full-service fund administration

You deal with your deals. We’ll deal with the rest.

AngelList Platform Capital

Raise from professional investors on AngelList

Seamless closes

Investors close into your SPV electronically.
AngelList takes care of fund formation docs and wires too

Tax preparation

We prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions
for the lifetime of your investment

“Without AngelList there would be no way I would have been able to spin up 20VC Fund in the time and efficiency with which we did. Subsequently, the management has just been so seamless to the extent I am able to run a whole other fund and media company knowing that the AngelList team has a large amount of the ops and management under control. A joy to work with and democratizing fund management to a whole new audience of investors.”
“AngelList makes my fund possible. I could not do this job without them. With AngelList, I can focus 100% on finding the best deals and supporting founders. I never have to worry about back-office or fund admin work.”
“We evaluated a lot of options. We could either manage the funds on AngelList and have them take care of everything — including the back office — or do a lot of work directly with a law firm. We chose AngelList because of how easy and cost-effective it is.”
“We viewed AngelList’s venture product as a fund-in-a-box. It worked well for us because we wanted to go live as soon as possible and focus our time on high-leverage tasks: getting capital in the bank, investing in companies, and supporting our portfolio companies. We had our first capital call about a month after we decided to raise funds. AngelList’s capital call process made things easy and fast for our LPs to sign and wire money.”
Venture Funds
We offer a tiered pricing structure to meet the needs of funds of all stages and sizes
Best for funds under $3M
Everything you need to start and manage your fund (legal fund formation, fund admin, fund filings, investor closings, tax)
Full Service
annualized cost
0.75% of fund size + $3.5k
Fund admin, tax services, fund filings, transaction reviews, and valuation support
Number of investments:
State regulatory fees:
Pricing may vary with add-on services
Best for funds between $3M and $30M
Our most flexible plan: everything in Base, plus a dedicated account manager and no limit on number of investments
Full Service
annualized cost
0.2% of fund size + $20k
+ transaction reviews & valuation support
Number of investments:
State regulatory fees:
Pricing may vary with add-on services
Best for funds over $30M
The best plan for large or complex funds: every add-on provided at no extra cost.
Full Service
annualized cost
0.15% of fund size + $35k
+ transaction reviews & valuation support
Fund Admin only
annualized cost
0.05% of fund size + $30K
Fund admin, fund filings, & tax services
Number of investments:
State regulatory fees:
All add-on services included
Annualized costs consist of an up front setup fee and an ongoing fund services fee over 10 years.
Annualized cost assumes a 10-year fund lifetime.

Traditional Funds

Raise capital from LPs, execute on deals, and manage your portfolio

0.75% of fund size

capped at $22k per year

$50k setup fee

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deals per year


back-office services

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Apply to lead a fund

You earn carried interest, aka a share of any profits realized by your fund. You can choose to share your carry with others (e.g. advisors). You can adjust carry on an LP-by-LP basis.

No carry on your own LPs
5% carry on AngelList Platform LPs

We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for starting, running, and managing your fund.

KYC/AML checks for all LPs
Generate standardized fund agreements and formation documents
Manage all your investments from one dashboard
Track active investments by cost, value (realized and unrealized), multiple, and date
Prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions for the life of the fund
Dedicated account manager to help run fund operations and answer questions
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