2021 Year in Review
To inspire a new generation of funders and founders by providing them with everything they need to launch and scale a fund or startup
$3.6B invested into funds
and syndicates
Our capital network grew to over
$1B annually
800+ VCs running
funds and syndicates
on AngelList
$173M raised by founders using Roll Up Vehicles
57% of top-tier U.S. VC deals
involve VCs on AngelList
11k+ investments
made by VCs
on AngelList
$22M saved
for founders in legal
and admin fees
are backed by AngelList funds
and syndicates
Most active sectors by deal volume: Fintech, Healthtech, Web3, Biotech, AI / ML
In 2021, we reached $10B
in assets supported
It took us six years to reach $1B. Two years later we reached $3B. One year after that we reached $10B.
We appreciate your appreciation
We’re innovating on the infrastructure
of innovation
Join us
An end-to-end solution
for GPs, LPs, and founders
Some big exits happened
on our platform
And some notable deals
Notable startups that received funding from VCs on AngelList in 2021
We shipped several new
products and features
Roll Up Vehicles
SPVs that allow founders to bring in up to 250 investors as a single line on their cap table
AngelList Venture Education Center
A one-stop-shop for learning about venture capital
$500k Rolling Funds for Founders
Providing qualified founders $500k to invest in other founders
Funders & Founders
Employees get access to $100k to invest in startups and can potentially receive up to an $100k investment from AngelList if they leave to launch a startup
A suite of services that allow founders to incorporate, fund, and scale their startup
Advance on
Management Fees
Fund managers can get an advance on their management fees via our integration with Pipe
One-click carry sharing agreements
We hit some amazing
company milestones
Rolling Funds
turned 1 years old
Our capital network grew
to over $1B annually
Our CEO became
a father
1,500 GPs and LPs (virtually) attended our 6th
annual private AngelList Confidential conference
We worked hard for our customers
83,526 Schedule K-1s delivered
this tax season
6,879 company valuation updates provided
68 articles
3,364 carry sharing agreements facilitated
new funds
and SPVs launched for our GPs
for founders in legal and
admin fees via RUVs
Blue Sky filings made
3k post-close
support tickets
SAFEs & convertible note review
M&A document review
Payments & share transfer processing
Dissolutions and process-related
distribution review
3 data reports
We nearly doubled the size
of our team this year
We’re now 119 strong and growing fast all over the world
Join us to increase the rate
of innovation in the world
AngelList Venture related information refers to investments by private funds advised by AngelList Advisors, LLC (“AngelList Advisors”), an exempt reporting adviser filing with the SEC.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Examples of portfolio companies are purely for illustrative purposes. This list is only partial, and readers should not assume that the investments identified were or will be profitable or are representative of investments by AngelList Advisors’ advised funds. There is no guarantee that any fund will achieve the same exposure to, or quality of, investments held by any existing fund.

The percentage of top-tier U.S. VC deals in AngelList Advisors advised funds' portfolios is based on third-party reports of top-tier VC firms' early-stage U.S. investing activity. Unicorns are private companies that have announced funding rounds with post-money valuations over $1 Billion. While we believe these reports to be reliable, we have not independently verified their accuracy. All figures in this presentation are as of January 15, 2022. We undertake no obligation to provide updates or revisions. Please contact us for details of AngelList Advisors valuation policy.

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