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Despite the macroeconomic compression and its impact on the venture markets, AngelList continued to grow in 2022. We reached $14.7B in total assets supported, introduced an institutional fund tier, and launched one of the fastest growing cap table management solutions on the market.

A closer look:

$14.7B in total assets supported on AngelListIn spite of a shifting macro environment, AngelList still added $4.8B to the platform in 2022.
$3.0B total capital raised by fund managers through Funds and SPVs60% of total capital closed was raised by Venture and Rolling Funds.
$1.3B capital raised by Venture Funds25% YoY growth. There was a 6% YoY increase in capital raised industry-wide (source: Pitchbook)
$0.5B capital raised by Rolling FundsOur recurring subscription model grew 31% YoY
$1.2B capital raised by SyndicatesMore than 25% of capital closed by syndicates came from AngelList’s network of investors.
8,317 startups funded on AngelList21% YoY growth despite an industry-wide 1.4% decrease in pre-Series C VC deals.
45k active investors who made an investment in 202217% YoY growth in the size of the investor community on AngelList.
2,255 active fund managers on AngelList in 2022 19% YoY growth in the number of fund managers launching funds and SPVs, raising capital, and investing in startups.

These six industries saw the most growth in capital invested on AngelList in 2022.

2022 was a challenging year for everyone. These four metrics keep us optimistic about the future.

Where AngelList showed significant growth in 2022:

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Assets supported for investors increased by 50% YoY in 2022. It took six years to reach $1B and we grew by 5x that in 2022.

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The number of startups funded on AngelList increased by 21% in 2022.

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2022 saw a 19% increase in active fund managers on AngelList vs. 2021.

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17% more LPs invested into an SPV or Fund supported on AngelList in 2022.

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Our 7th annual AngelList Confidential conference nearly doubled in attendance to around 2,800 GPs, LPs, and founders. Speakers at the virtual conference covered a wide range of topics, including the future of venture capital, founders becoming VCs, and the future of climate technology. Our conversation with Sam Altman about the rise of AI has been viewed nearly 100k times.

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