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Top 5 unicorns that received investments through AngelList.

  1. 1Stripe
  2. 2SpaceX
  3. 3Instacart
  4. 4Databricks
  5. 5Epic Games
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We’re using AngelList for our fundraising and it’s absolutely incredible. Everything is streamlined. It makes fundraising so easy for both the company and the investors.
Chris ConnorsCo-Founder,
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Ankur Nagpal
Ankur Nagpal@ankurnagpal
This is why I <3 @AngelList We've invested in companies incorporated all over the world (including Germany) and they absorb all the arbitrary pains and complexities Even my small personal angel investments are now via a single LP fund I set up on AL Worth every penny
1:48 AM · Dec 2, 2021

David Ikenna AdamsFounder, If—Then Ventures


David Ikenna Adams was able to onboard 35 angel investors as a single line on his company's cap table using a Roll Up Vehicle.

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I use AngelList over Carta as my partner because there’s reduced complexity on fund formation and management, which means less work for a solo GP like me.
Lolita TaubManaging Partner, Ganas VC
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Median valuation of seed-stage B2B companies raising in Q3 2022.

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patrick wingo
patrick wingo@patrick_wingo
hello my name is patrick and I'm an @AngelList syndicate addict. no, but seriously, the product is so good and effective at "democratizing" startup investing. at the macro level, i <3 that it pushes more private capital into science and innovation
4:29 PM · Jun 2, 2021

Brian NicholsGM, Hustle Fund

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Brian Nichols uses AngelList to easily spin up SPVs to double down on breakout companies from Hustle Fund’s portfolio.

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The average amount founders save in administrative fees by simplifying their cap table with a Roll Up Vehicle.

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As soon as I moved to AngelList, my investment life changed for the better. Now I fund AngelList once a year, and then making investments is as simple as sending an email to my VCA.
Paul EnglishFounder, Kayak
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Auren 𝐇𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐦𝐚𝐧
Auren 𝐇𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐦𝐚𝐧@auren
pretty sure that AngelList's RUV is the single best fintech product ever launched. I bet NPS (for both the investors and the founders) is off the charts
9:50 PM · Nov 2, 2021

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