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Data Room—a branded, secure document sharing experience for your investors


Every touchpoint with your investors matters. With modern design, intuitive permissions, and advanced analytics, AngelList Data Room helps you make the first impression the right one.

Custom BrandingInclude your logo, colors, and more

Advanced Analytics See page by page views and centralized reporting across all data rooms

Single Investor LoginAcross AngelList Data Room, Transact, and Investor Portal

Security & ComplianceSOC2 certified, access control, and firm watermarking


Clean and modern interface

Our crisp layout helps potential investors focus on the message and data that matters. Customize your data room experience with your firm’s logo, colors, and messaging to ensure potential investors remember your brand.

Integrated with our investor management platform

Keep things simple for your investors with direct integrations to AngelList Transact and Investor Portal. Investors can start a digital subscription from the Data Room and access ongoing reports and performance metrics – all with a single login.

Detailed tracking and analytics

Track investor engagement and understand what material is resonating with real-time notifications, document tracking, page by page analytics, and centralized reporting.

Granular permissions and controls

Create public or private share links while managing access at a room, folder, and file level ensures that data room visitors only see the data meant for them. Including necessary compliance requirements such as watermarks, NDA pages, and audit trails.




/ month / room

or $2k annually (17% discount)

Unlimited users
1 Data Room included
10 GB / room


  • Firm logo customization

  • Data room level permissions and folder organization

  • Create public and private share links

  • Basic watermarking

  • Real-time notifications, engagement metrics, and document tracking

  • Ongoing support



/ month / room

or $4k annually (17% discount)

Unlimited users
1 Data Room included
50 GB / room

Everything in Base plus

  • Firm branding and color customization

  • File & folder-level permissions

  • NDA page and audit trail

  • Page-by-page view metrics

  • Configurable CTAs by investor

  • Multimedia file support

  • Dedicated onboarding


Contact sales

Unlimited users
Custom Data Rooms
Custom storage

Need something more advanced?

  • Inquire to learn more about our upcoming advanced features including custom emails, request links, password protection, SSO, reporting, and more.

For existing AngelList customers, please reach out to your account manager for more information.
***Prices listed above are not inclusive of applicable state taxes.


Everything you
need to know

We make it easy to place several links within the Data Room that connect to your digital subscriptions. We also provide analytics on your conversions through those Call-To-Action links.

Yes. Specific plans on Data Room include an API integration so you can pull data seamlessly into your CRM or other systems.

In our Core tier, you can customize an NDA that needs to be agreed upon before entering a room. We also store a clear audit trail that can be exported.

There is no limit on the number of people you can invite and give data room access to.

AngelList Data Room offers an array of security controls including the ability to disable downloading and printing files.

Yes, AngelList Data Room provides the ability to imprint watermarking on your documents.

Our data room is built for asset managers. It is designed specifically for investors, has actionable analytics for fund managers, and is connected to our other software offerings for a seamless experience.

For any additional questions, please reach out to

Ready to experience AngelList Data Room?

Every touchpoint with your investors matters. Get started with AngelList Data Room and elevate the data room experience for your investors with modern design, intuitive permissions, & advanced analytics. Making the first impression the right one.

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