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Investor Portal—a bespoke experience to engage your investors


Your investor portal should do more than document distribution. With a branded experience and customized content, AngelList Investor Portal enables you to engage your investors for today’s and tomorrow’s investments.

Advanced Analytics Export activity reports with views, downloads, and more

Investor DirectoryUse AngelList as your source of truth or integrate with your systems

Document DistributionShare and permission files over the lifetime of the investment

Security & ComplianceSOC2 certified, with granular access control


Fully customizable experience

From the first login to future communications, impress investors with a customized experience using your firm’s branding. Work with our design team to create branded assets and provide a unique layout for your LPs—from the login flow to the firm dashboard and more.

Track fund performance

Investors can easily visualize how their investments are performing across your firm’s investment vehicles. Provide your investors a centralized portal to view performance and access all ongoing fund communication and documentation, including K-1s, performance reports, and more.

Integrated with our investor management platform

Keep things simple for your investors with direct integrations to AngelList Data Room and Transact. Investors can seamlessly review marketing materials, start a digital subscription, access ongoing reports, and performance metrics–all with a single login.

Engage investors for future investments

Encourage investors to make future investments by publishing exclusive multimedia content within your portal. Share relevant articles, videos, research, and firm-level communications to provide unique insights and create deeper relationships with your investors.




Standard document distribution


  • Standard document management

  • Basic investor tracking

  • Fund logo branding

  • Secure encryption and verification

  • Onboarding and ongoing support


Advanced document distribution
Standard investment reporting

Everything in Base plus

  • Granular document management controls

  • Investor asset, allocation, and performance reporting

  • Portal homepage customization

  • Advanced investor tracking

  • Content Library


Bespoke portal customization
Custom investment reporting

Looking for a fully custom portal?

  • Inquire to learn more about how we can provide API access as well as dedicated design and development resources to create a fully branded and custom portal experience for your investors.

For existing AngelList customers, please reach out to your account manager for more information.


Everything you
need to know

When an investor accesses the Investor Portal, they will also see any Data Rooms and Transactions you have invited them to within the same dashboard. The directory within AngelList is shared across all three products, making it easy to see detailed activity of which investors are active across the files you share, the rooms you invite them to, and the transactions they need to complete.

Documents can either be directly uploaded to an individual investor or done in a single bulk upload flow, which will allow you to do so by pre-fixing information to the file name or uploading a companion master spreadsheet that maps the files to the investors.

Yes. We can support any custom table structure to display your holdings information. We will work with you to outline the format you want when you first set up your Investor Portal.

Our open API lets us connect to any back office, CRM, or third-party software to create great investor experiences.

The amount of customization you have on the AngelList Investor Portal depends on the plan you choose. In the base plan, for example, you can add your firm’s logo. In the institutional plan, you get dedicated AngelList design and engineering resources to design and implement a fully customized investor login and dashboard experience (colors, styles, custom formatting, background images, logos, etc).

Yes. AngelList is SOC2 audited and you have granular permission control over documents you share on the portal. We also support 2FA logins for investors.

Yes. AngelList’s Investor Portal is built with Fund Admins in mind. They will be able to have their own dedicated login to access your instance of the Investor Portal to upload documents and manage investors on your firm’s behalf.

For any additional questions, please reach out to

Ready to experience AngelList Investor Portal?

Get started with AngelList Investor Portal and craft a branded experience with secure document distribution, fund performance visualization, and customized content to engage your investors for today's and tomorrow's investments.

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