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Relay—AI-powered portfolio analyzer, driven by your inbox


Extract key details from investment documents and company updates with AngelList Relay. Transform unstructured data from your inbox into an organized dashboard by simply forwarding an email.

27+Key terms identified
99%Parsing accuracy
16+Document types supported


AI-powered term extraction

Forward investment documents and unstructured investor updates from your portfolio companies to your Relay email address. Relay automatically extracts key details such as pay-to-play provisions, revenue metrics, burn rate, and 24+ other terms as structured data. Receive an AI summary with key data via email in less than 5 minutes.

Document management

Access all of your historical portfolio company updates and investment documents like SPAs, SAFEs, and 14+ others directly in Relay. Documents are organized by company and then by year and month – including the ability to bulk download.

Portfolio tracking dashboard

Relay creates a unified dashboard of structured investment data, AI summaries, and historical documents from your unstructured emails, on a fund and 1:1 company level. Creating the ability to identify insights, track performance of portfolio companies, and craft investor updates for LPs.

Team permissioning & access

Ensure all team members, both within your firm and your external partners, have access to investment documents and key insights from Relay. Full dashboard access allows relevant stakeholders to access Relay's portfolio dashboard, summaries, and documents.

Remove the manual process from managing portfolio company updates and investment documents

AI SummaryEmailed within 5 minutes and added to your dashboard

27+ TermsParsed from company updates and investment documents

Team AccessMulti-level team permissioning

Automated DashboardFund and company level insights



Tailored to your needs

One portfolio management software solution across all your funds that provides you with

  • Automatically parsed investment legal documents and company updates
  • Unlimited Relay addresses and team members
  • AI email summaries
  • Organized documents by fund and company
  • OpenAPI available

*For existing AngelList customers, please reach out to your account manager for more information.


Everything you
need to know

Relay can programmatically review, store, and organize any of the documents below, provided the document includes the company’s legal name, fund’s legal name, and is in a DOCX or PDF format.

These documents include: board consents, certificates of incorporation, convertible notes, participation notices, pro rata side letters, rights agreements, rights offerings, SAFEs, stock purchase agreements, stock transfer agreements, token warrants, voting agreements, wire instructions, investor rights agreement, certificate of incorporation, and right of refusal.

Note: Relay can parse document attachments and any text stored in the body of an email. However, when content cannot be associated with a portfolio company on your dashboard, it will still be accessible but will be stored in the “Unsorted” section.

Currently, Relay will parse Stock Purchase Agreements (SPAs) and SAFEs and will count those documents towards the investment docs parsed per month limit.

Relay currently has the ability to parse terms from Stock Purchase Agreements and SAFEs. Relay can programmatically parse the below terms:

Stock Purchase Agreements: Company name, investment date, investment type, pay-to-play provisions, round, valuation amount and currency, valuation type (pre-money/post-money), your fund’s total shares, purchase price, and currency (if applicable)

SAFEs: Company name, discount (if any), investor name, investment amount and currency, investment date, investment type, pro rata rights, round, valuation cap and currency, valuation type (pre-money/post-money)

Relay can parse any company update found in an email body, in DOCX format, or PDF format. Relay can programmatically parse different terms and data including:

Annual revenue, revenue currency, burn per month, cash in bank, number of customers, whether or not the company is raising a new round, the description of the new round that the company is raising, a summary of the business updates, and a summary of the product updates.

User Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

No, Relay only receives the emails and documents that are sent to your Relay email address.

AngelList uses AWS with services like S3 for object storage and RDS for relational database management. AngelList also employs encryption at rest and in transit, access management through IAM roles, regular vulnerability scans, and is SOC 2 compliant.

AngelList will not use your data for any purpose other than providing you the Relay services and as described in our privacy policy.

For any additional questions, please reach out to

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Remove the manual process of tracking, organizing, and consolidating portfolio company updates and investment documents. Get started today with AngelList Relay and unlock the most important investment data that lives in your emails.

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