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Recurring Transfers

Offer recurring liquidity to attract and retain great talent. Recurring Transfers streamlines the process and gives you maximum control.

Why companies choose Recurring Transfers

Attract top talent

Offering recurring liquidity differentiates your compensation benefits from competitors and helps you stand out.

Streamline the cap table

Investors come in through a single block, which votes with the majority of non-conflicted holders of the same class.

Reduce operational overhead

AngelList manages the entire legal and regulatory process, end-to-end.

Harry Hurst
Co-founder & co-CEO
“At Pipe, we believe that our entire team should have the same access to liquidity usually only afforded to founders. Everyone at the company may go through life-changing events such as buying a house or starting a family, we want to make sure that our team can get access to liquidity along the way to provide the financial cushion they need and deserve. AngelList’s reputation for being startup-friendly gave us the confidence to choose them as our trusted partner.”

How Recurring Transfers work

How Recurring Transfers works

Invite shareholders & investors

Set parameters for incoming LPs, percentages individuals can sell, and more. New investors purchase interest from early angels without diluting shareholders.

AngelList manages the process

We handle the operational, legal, and regulatory overhead end-to-end. Your board only needs to approve the recurring transfers as they occur.

Run transfers on autopilot

Recurring Transfers form fund vehicles on a regular basis, providing liquidity to more shareholders. This allows the company to run transfers automatically, while maintaining transparency into the entire process.

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Recurring Transfers

End-to-end liquidity management on
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by Inderpal Singh
Product Manager, AngelList Venture
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