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AngelList vs. Carta
Cap Tables

Equity is your company’s greatest asset, and managing it can be complex and expensive. Compare and choose the equity management platform that is right for your company.

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AngelList vs. Carta for Fund Management

Top 3 reasons why companies
choose AngelList


Software simplicity
One-of-a-kind tools that keep your cap table clean and compliant.

Marie Schneegans

Seed stage

Motif switched from Carta to AngelList for the better user experience, especially the ability to keep a cleaner cap table with RUVs, and to get away from expensive stakeholder-based pricing

Marie Schneegans — Co-Founder


Pricing & service
Only pay for team members with equity, not investors.

David Snider

Series A

Harness Wealth switched from Carta to AngelList for the ease of cap table entries, responsiveness of service requests, scope of features, and price.

David Snider — Founder/CEO


A single provider
Bundle equity, fundraising, banking, and people tools on AngelList.

David Ikenna Adams

Pre-seed stage

If Then Ventures was able to onboard 35 angel investors as a single line on their startup’s cap table by using a Roll Up Vehicle.

David Ikenna Adams – Founder

A closer look

Features that help companies make better decisions, automate workflows, and stay compliant—all while saving time and money.

The basics: a 1-to-1 comparison

See how AngelList stacks up against Carta on these foundational features.


Cap table management

Cap table management is the process of tracking and managing the ownership and equity of a company, including the allocation and vesting of stock options.

Cap table

Electronic share issuance

Equity grant issuance

Board consents

Investor & employee dashboard

Employee option exercising

Compliance / 409A Valuation

The method for determining the value of stock options granted to employees as part of their compensation package.

Standard 409A valuation

Standard 409A refreshes for material events


409A audit support

External Vendor

Complex 409A valuation



ISO disqualification check

Account audit reports

Public companies

Expense reporting (ASC 718)

Transfer agent for companies using Reg CF

Rule 701 management

Equity reporting

The process of disclosing ownership interests in a company through financial statements and other financial disclosures. It provides information on the company's capital structure and the rights and obligations of shareholders.

Capitalization reports with drafts

Equity plan balance report

Rule 701 analysis worksheet

Exercise reports

Scenario modeling

Analyze and predict outcomes based on different assumptions and variables.

Partial support

Financing round modeling

Waterfall modeling


Sensitivity analysis


Financial transactions

Option exercises


Stock transfers

Tender offers

On request

On request

Shareholder management

Tools for communication, transparent decision-making, and ensuring fair distribution of profits and ownership rights.

Permissions: internal and external

Grant cap table access

Option grant & exercise approvals

Board consents

Board meeting management

Employee platform

Investor updates

Investor platform

Law firm platform


Easily convert assets into cash without affecting the price. Measure how easily an asset can be bought or sold in the market.

Tender offer platform & account manager

Data Rooms

Secure online spaces to store and share sensitive information during due diligence or other business transactions.

Access controls, viewership analytics


Third-party comparison based on publicly available materials.

The AngelList Difference

AngelList offers several unique features that Carta simply doesn’t.


Roll Up Vehicles® (RUVs)

Add multiple investors as a single line on your cap table with RUVs. Startups on AngelList get access to a No-Fee RUV in our Growth plan.

Tie Out Assistant™

Ensure cap table accuracy thanks to automatic AI review of the underlying legal documents.

Increased transparency

Startups can see exactly what stakeholders see. No surprise emails are sent to your stakeholders.

Fast concierge migration

AngelList works with your team and law firm to migrate your cap table from all major cap table software providers. Most companies experience no added legal fees and are live within 3-5 business days.

Cap Table Lookthrough

See the full set of owners behind entities.

Add investors without adding costs

Investors are free. Only pay for team members (founders, employees, advisors with equity on your cap table).

End-to-end SAFE automation

Enjoy a full integrated online SAFE process, from board consent to collecting investor funds and updating the cap table.

Real-time valuation benchmarks

Avoid using stale data in your fundraise. See startup valuation data in real-time.


Rollups™ retroactively clean up the SAFEs already on the cap table so your company get faster equity rounds, and lower administrative costs.

Third-party comparison based on publicly available materials.

Go beyond with

A one-of-a-kind startups software solution in a single bundle.


AngelList Equity

Your cap table as described above.


Separate purchase

AngelList Raise

Close equity rounds.


AngelList Banking

High-interest checking, fully operational accounts, deeply integrated to make option exercise and collecting funds from investors easy.


AngelList People

Compensation benchmarking and visual offer letters.


Separate purchase

Third-party comparison based on publicly available materials.

Avoid compounding costs

Because your investors are free with AngelList compared to Carta, you save money directly when migrating and continuously as your company grows.

Projected annual costs

How it works

Our team offers full-service, expedited onboarding for prior Carta customers.

Carta migration

We do all the work of migrating your cap table in a few clicks, without any incremental fees.


Most companies can self-onboard, and our cap table experts are here to help.

Law firm

Your law firm can initiate the process and complete your migration for you.

Kyle Westaway
I would recommend RUVs to all the founders I work with. Startups can save time and money while ensuring they have a clean cap table, which makes fundraising and M&A much smoother.

Kyle Westaway

Startup Attorney, Westaway

Pricing for any startup

A one-of-a-kind startups solution for every stage including tools for cap table management, fundraising, banking, and compensation.



Billed monthly

Best for early-stage startups that have raised less than $1M—free for new customers.

  • 2 team members included
    • $8/additional member per month
    • Investors are free



$1,560 billed annually

Best for startups that require basic equity management and 409A valuations.

  • 20 team members included
    • $9/additional member per month
    • Investors are free


  • Everything in Base plan
  • Stock option exercising
  • Fundraise scenario modeling



$3,600 billed annually

Best for advanced equity management and growing startups.

  • 30 team members included
    • $10/additional member per month
    • Investors are free


  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Rollup unlimited investors
  • One standard no-fee RUV per year
  • Priority onboarding and support
  • Raise equity rounds

*Features vary per plan. Pricing subject to change. See pricing for Incorporation and Roll Up Vehicles™

In good company

The AngelList platform increases the flow of capital to startups by removing friction for investors.


Startups that switched their cap table to AngelList from other providers


Capital raised by founders on AngelList


Saved for startups via RUVs


Investors on AngelList


Startups funded


Investments into unique startups on AngelList since 2014


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