Better cap table management.
Fewer surprises.

Law firms are always in the loop
with AngelList Equity.
Seamless equity issuance with built-in controls.
Preempt issues with visibility into any changes.
Safeguards to help your clients remain compliant and transaction-ready.
Features designed for law firms
Trusted cap table software
AngelList Equity, our cap table software, is trusted by startups from $3M to $2B+ in valuation.

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Migrate clients from other cap table providers in 1-2 business days

Law firms stay in the loop
No significant cap table action should be possible without legal review and approval.

No securities leave draft status without board consents

Clients can easily loop you in on any matter

Reduce time spent repairing client mistakes

Maximize value delivered to clients by focusing on what matters, not correcting errors

One portal, multiple clients
A dedicated law firm portal enables quick management of multiple clients.

Cross-client health checks are elevated to your team

Easily add and refer companies to AngelList Equity

Easily extend an AngelList pricing discount to your clients

Equity Rounds, led by you.
Modular equity round closing features to support law firms

You draft the term sheet, pro-forma, and round documents. You're best at that. AngelList automates the closing

Save time collecting signatures, send reminders in one click

Convert SAFE and note holders into shareholders on the cap table

Modern law firm support
Law firms receive dedicated support from AngelList's equity management professionals.

On-demand Zooms for major transactions and emergencies, regardless of pricing plan

Phone support for Growth Plan customers

Live chat support for Starter and Growth plan customers

Get immediate support from ChatGPT, trained on our help center

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With AngelList, startups and their law firms
have access to a full suite of networked products.
Better client pricing, better law firm support.
Our startup software solution is one-of-a-kind, offering tools for cap table management, fundraising, banking, and hiring at every stage of your company's growth.
billed annually
Free for companies that have raised less than $1M in capital.
20 team members included
$9/additional member per month
Investors are free
billed annually
Best for startups that need 409A valuations, RUVs, and advanced equity management.
30 team members included
$10/additional member per month
Investors are free
Everything in Starter plan
Included 409A²
One standard RUV per year
Cap table pro forma generation
Option exercise transactions
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discounts for multi-year contracts
Custom plans for companies that need tailored solutions.
For larger teams and unique structures
Negotiable price scaling
Investors are free
ASC 718
Early access to new features
Priority support (phone + shared Slack)
Fast-tracked onboarding
*Features vary per plan. Pricing subject to change. See pricing for Incorporation and Roll Up Vehicles™
Preferred partner law firms can extend discounts to their clients, contact to inquire about discounts for your clients.
How to get started as a law firm:
Ask us to set up your law firm portal
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Attend training and access live support
We conduct software training sessions and provide live support upon request to any law firm with an active law firm portal.
Extend discounts to your clients
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