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Equity, refreshed

AngelList’s cap table removes the friction from managing your startup’s greatest asset, your equity. It helps founders make better decisions, while leveraging unmatched automations and staying compliant.
Marie Schneegans
CEO, Motif
“We switched from Carta to AngelList for the better user experience, especially the ability to keep a cleaner cap table with RUVs, and to get away from expensive stakeholder-based pricing,”
Motif experienced a 58% reduction in annual equity management software fees by switching to AngelList.
Build. Raise. Grow.
With AngelList Equity, founders get access to a full suite of networked startup products—all in one place.
Cap table features
Leveraging your equity starts with maintaining an accurate cap table. Easily make changes, reconcile transactions, and avoid errors.

Track ownership

Issue certificated stock and employee option grants

Execute transactions like exercises, repurchases, and more

From offer letter to equity grant, streamline how you incentivize team members with equity.

Easily add and create equity incentive plans

Connect your HRIS system to sync employees

Draft and sign grants using your documents

Your cap table isn’t static - equity is always changing hands. Streamline option exercises and cap table reconciliation after exercises, repurchases, surrenders, and transfers.

Workflows for option exercise request & approvals

Integrated banking for a seamless exercise experience

Streamlined Form 3921 and 83(b)s for early exercises.

Full reporting center for cap table, equity plans, shareholder contact info, and compliance.

Export to .xls and request “as-of” reports for retrospectives

Tax and compliance reports like Rule 701, ASC 718, and Form 3921

Request custom reports

One-of-a-kind features that help make your cap table better.
Streamline your cap table. With Rollups, retroactively clean up the SAFEs already on the cap table for faster equity rounds and lower administrative costs.

Works for any previously signed SAFEs

No capital contribution limits or restrictions

Track investors’ signature status and easily follow up

Cap Table Lookthrough
RUVs and SPVs allow you to add many investors as a single line on your cap table, Cap Table Lookthrough enables you to organize and leverage them with ease.

See all investors in every row on your cap table—in a single view.

Built-in investor updates to tap into their value-add.

Works for RUVs and SPVs.

Plan for the future by modeling the impact of additional rounds.

Transparent formulas, exports to .xls for investor-ready pro forma

Model multiple scenarios, and explore impact of pro rata rights

Supports multiple share classes and convertible types

Integrate your payroll and HRIS systems to speed up onboarding and to manage employee changes and terminations. Syncing your data also unlocks compensation benchmarks and visual offer letters.

Integrates with 50+ payroll and HRIS providers

Reconcile hires & terminations with your cap table

AngelList is SOC 2-compliant

Moving your cap table to AngelList from Excel or another provider takes 1-3 business days. Our team handles it all, then we invite you to review and accept your new cap table.

No hidden fees

Dedicated and experienced onboarding manager

Stakeholder communications support

Stakeholder Dashboards
Give your employees and shareholders secure dashboards to track vesting, exercise their options, and access important documents like SAFEs, share certificates, 83(b)s, and Forms 3921.

Transparency into ownership details

Education & tools for modeling the future value of holdings

Stakeholders can easily update their account access info

409A Valuations
409As are included in most pricing plans. Request a new one directly from your cap table, and receive the report as fast as one week.

Easily stay compliant and under Safe Harbor

We’ll remind you when it’s time for an update

Supports web3 companies

Board Management
Automate your board consents and maintain a log of all board decisions.

One click to invite your law firm to review

Ready-made board documents and e-signature included

Approved issuances and option grants auto-update in cap table

Pricing for any startup
A one-of-a-kind startups software solution for every stage including tools for cap table management, fundraising, banking, and hiring.
Billed monthly
Best for early-stage startups that have raised less than $1M—free for new customers.
1.88% APY*
2 team members included
$8/additional member per month
Investors are free
$1,560 billed annually
Best for startups that need basic equity plan admin and fundraising tools
1.88% APY*
20 team members included
$9/additional member per month
Investors are free
Everything in Base plan
Stock option exercising
Fundraise scenario modeling
$3,600 billed annually
Best for startups that need 409a valuations, RUVs, and advanced equity management.
4.33% APY*
30 team members included
$10/additional member per month
Investors are free
Everything in Starter plan
409a valuations***
Rollup unlimited investors
One standard no-fee RUV per year
Priority onboarding and support
Raise equity rounds
*Features vary per plan. Pricing subject to change. See pricing for Incorporation and Roll Up Vehicles™
David Snider
Founder/CEO, Harness Wealth
“We migrated to AngelList after our Series A round of financing. The ease of cap table entries, responsiveness of service requests, scope of features and price were all superior to what we experienced with our prior provider.”