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Free Cap Table, Banking, & More

AngelList Stack lets you effortlessly manage your company's cap table, fundraising, banking, and more—in one place. Get back to building your company, and Stack handles the rest.

AngelList Stack includes

Equity Management

Your cap table on AngelList Stack is automatically set up and updated as you purchase founder stock, issue SAFEs, and issue employee equity.


Manage interest-bearing checking accounts, physical and virtual debit cards, and free wire transfers on AngelList Stack.


Quickly create data rooms, issue SAFEs, and manage equity rounds. As funds arrive, your cap table is automatically updated.


Get real-time automatically generated financial statements and startup metrics.

Equity Management

Once your cap table is set up on AngelList Stack, it instantly updates as you make changes such as raising a round of funding.

Equity Management

Equity Management

Your cap table is automatically set up on AngelList Stack
and automatically updates as you make changes.

Equity Management

Full cap table management suite with digital stock certificates.

Simulations & Reporting

Model the impact of additional rounds and generate compliance reports.

Employee Equity Grants

Issue and administer employee equity grants with standalone employee dashboards.

Investor Management

Issue share certificates, send investor updates, and share standalone investor dashboards.


Instantly issue SAFEs & manage rounds with a single link.


Instantly issue SAFEs & manage rounds with a single link.

Instant Closes

Issue SAFEs with a single link.

Data Rooms

Securely share pitch decks with detailed permissions & analytics.

Roll Up Vehicles

Create Roll Up Vehicles to consolidate angel investors and keep the cap table clean.

Previous Rounds

Seamlessly add any previously raised SAFEs.


Instantly get an AngelList Stack deposit account to fundraise and pay for expenses with debit cards.


Instantly get an AngelList Stack deposit account to fundraise and pay for expenses with debit cards.

Checking Accounts with Interest

Get an account with no monthly fees and 0.15% APY with no minimum balance required.

Free Wires & ACHs

Free incoming and outgoing wires with no transaction fees.

Physical & Virtual Debit Cards

Instantly create debit cards for yourself and employees with available ATM fee reimbursement and daily or monthly limits.

Global Transfers

Send international USD wires and receive wires in multiple currencies.

FDIC Insured

Funds are held in FDIC insured accounts.

Getting Started

AngelList Stack

AngelList Stack includes banking, cap table management, and fundraising tools.

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Included with Stack

Everything you need to manage and scale a venture-backed startup.

Maintain an accurate cap table
Incentivize your team with equity
Fundraise faster with SAFE automation
Fundraise smarter with real-time valuation data and benchmarks
Business bank accounts and debit cards
Send beautiful job offer letters that candidates can instantly accept
Not incorporated yet?
AngelList Stack also includes
All of the tooling you need to scale your company
Data Rooms & Investor Updates
Data rooms and investor updates feature unique tracking, watermarking, passcodes, and other security features to ensure your sensitive data stays confidential.
Employee Offer Portals
Create beautiful offer portals that visualize the value of your equity and persuade employees to accept your offer.
409A Valuations
Discounted 409A valuations for AngelList Stack customers starting at $990 for early-stage companies.
Granular Permissions
Allow team members access to specific components without additional permissions.
Global Hiring, Payroll, Benefits,  Compliance, and other Perks
Hire yourself, as well as contractors and employees, anywhere in the world with special pricing, as well as over $200k of other perks & credits.