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Introducing a new category of

Software for Startups

Build your company on AngelList. Effortlessly manage your cap table, fundraising, and more—in one place.

AngelList for Startups

Everything you need to build, raise, and grow


AngelList’s cap table removes the friction from managing your startup’s greatest asset, your equity. Make better decisions by leveraging unmatched automation while staying compliant.


Launch your round, close investors, and collect capital - all in one place. Seamlessly raise via direct checks or RUVs™️ without missing a beat.


AngelList Offers removes the friction from crafting compelling offers, retaining your team, and issuing equity.


AngelList partners with Stripe Atlas to set up companies. Start a fundraising-ready company in a few simple steps.

Trusted by thousands

Designed for high growth companies

Roll Up VehiclesAccept big and small checks from accredited investors. All in a single line on your cap table

409A ValuationsIncluded in the Growth Plan. Available independently upon request.

Ask AngelListUse AI-powered chat to shortcut equity management tasks and access actionable insights

SAFE CleanupsClean up the SAFEs on your cap table for faster equity rounds and lower admin costs

Works with your Law FirmBuilt with legal teams in mind, We make it easy for law firms to help you manage your equity.

Granular PermissionsAllow team members access to specific components without additional permissions.

Market InsightsAccess to real-time fundraising and compensation benchmarks from AngelList

Powered by AngelListInvestors can sign and invest using their existing AngelList accounts and investing entities

Plans for companies at every stage



/ year

20 team members included
Investors are free

More than 20? Contact us


  • Equity

  • Raise



/ year

30 team members included
Investors are free

More than 30? Contact us

Everything in Starter, and:

  • 409A valuation

  • E-sign for equity grants

  • Cap table pro forma generation

  • Option exercise transactions

  • HRIS integration

  • Unlimited SAFE Cleanups

Growth Plus


/ year

30 team members included
Investors are free

More than 30? Contact us

Everything in Growth, and:

  • One standard RUV per year

  • Automated closings for equity rounds and other custom agreements

  • Raise with custom documents

  • Equity Blocks


Contact us

Tailored plans for larger companies
Discounts for multi-year contracts
Investors are free

Everything in Growth plus, and:

  • ASC 718

  • Priority support (phone / slack)

  • Fast-tracked onboarding

  • Early access to new features

The Starter Plan is free for companies that have raised less than $1M.

Prices listed above are not inclusive of applicable state taxes.

"Team members" does not include investors. It is the sum of founders, employees, advisors/service providers with equity or options.

Level up your startup

  • Draft an option grant to Jordon Smith for 2,000 units using the standard template
  • Our 409A dropped, what do we need to do to re-price options?
  • How can we tell if we have product market fit?
  • When should we hire a head of sales?
  • How much should we be paying ourselves as founders?
  • Give my attorney admin access: Sarah Jones at
  • Generate Form 3921 for all relevant employees.
  • List any team members with single trigger vesting acceleration.
  • How much has been withheld for taxes from this month’s option exercises?
  • Start a new 409A valuation request.
  • Generate a cap table pro forma. We’re raising $5M at a $55M pre-money.
  • What happens to my equity if we raise $20M at $150M post
  • Show me all employees who are 90%+ vested.
  • Download my full detailed cap table, exclude drafts.