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Avlok Kohli
by Avlok Kohli
CEO, AngelList Venture
The future is here — it’s just unevenly distributed.
That’s why we do what we do at AngelList: give more people the opportunity to participate in the venture economy and more startups the resources they need to change the world.
Every day, hundreds of investors and VCs use AngelList to invest in new, world-changing startups. Seeing these startups getting funded gives us incredible insight into where the future is going. It’s exhilarating.
Like Archimedes’ lever, our work has a dramatic impact on the rate of innovation in the world. Our products inspire more investors to raise venture funds to invest in the next generation of startups — which means more capital for startups.
While our scale is large, our ambitions are even larger. We’re innovating on the financial infrastructure for venture investors and the startups they invest in. From syndicates to traditional funds to rolling funds, we’re just getting started.